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Sometimes the best inspiration comes from hearing about the deconstruction of other company's names. For you, I am happy to share how I came up with?"Slice A Day :: your slice on marketing"...

  • First the purpose and vision of my site was to have people volunteer some marketing stories...true case studies of business owners and how they promote business.
  • Then gathered the supplies for brainstorming. I had a sheet of paper, pencil and a dictionary/thesaurus.
  • Let the brainstorming begin!

    I love really clever, catchy and visual names. It comes from having a web design and creative background. The hosts a local networking event called "Brew" with the tagline "where ideas perculate". I loved it! And to mimic it's genius, here is where that spark of inspiration took me.

    ::: Start List :::

    ? "grill - where ideas sizzle"
    ? "water cooler"?
    ?? ...sidenote: i thought that's where people really talk openly
    ? "feedbag - serving up ideas"
    ? "your market draw"?
    ?? ...sidenote: i don't know how i got here
    ? "evoke"?
    ? ...sidenote: now i'm just writing words, synonyms
    ? "persuade"
    ?? ...sidenote: this is where the dictionary & thesaurus come in

    ? "convince"

    ? "share"

    ... a few minutes pass by
    ... a few more minutes pass by

    ? ""?
    ?? ...sidenote: visual images of pie and cake
    ?? ...sidenote: slice is a portion of a bigger piece...hmm

    ? "Share Your Slice On Marketing"?
    ?? ...sidenote: tagline that explains and supports vision
    ::: End Brainstorming List :::
  • I like "slice" because you just get quick and small chunks to read... just enough to evoke a thought, to make you think, or to leave you wanting more.

    Maya Sunpongco
    your slice on marketing

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