Self-Marketing: The I Focus

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Ever had one of those conversations where you wondered what the topic was and the only word you could identify was "I"?

As a marketer, I often recommend marketing yourself. However, there comes a point, rather quickly in any conversation when the other person tires of hearing "I". So, the problem is?

How's the weather over there? Is there life after "I"? Can we change the topic? Is there someone else who wishes to speak now? Check please?

If the only person you are qualified to discuss is yourself, your listeners will be heading for the exit rather quickly. Your self-marketing won't get you very far if you can't talk about anything or anyone else.

Self-marketing works best when you learn to focus on your listener. Ask questions. Encourage your "audience" to tell you about themselves. Offer solutions for their problems. Focus on them.

So, how do you sell yourself? By promoting, motivating, and encouraging the other person, you will find they are attracted to you.

While it's important to be sure they get your name (so they remember who you are and what you do), it's more important they know you have their name and know what they do. When you contact them later for networking purposes, they'll know you were sincere.

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