Why Should I do Business With You?

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It's the question that is on the minds of all our customers regardless of what products or services we are offering. Potential customers want to know what makes you so different and why should they do business with you as opposed to one of your competitor's.

Price at one time use to be a determining factor in the decision-making process when it came to a purchase, now, that is not always the case. Our customers are much more informed and savvy when it comes to buying and while they want the BEST deal (I mean don't we all?) it goes much deeper than that. Many have said that they will spend the extra money on a purchase because they are getting better care, better customer satisfaction?whatever "better" is in their minds. "Care, Customer Satisfaction, Service" these are all "values." These values, when visible answer that important question

"Why should I do business with you?"

And these values are what sets you apart from your competition.

Ok, so this is all well said and good, now what do you do? What you need to do is sit down and determine your values. If you have a downline then hey many heads are better than one, set up a training night and brainstorm. Make a list of ALL the values that set you apart from the competition and the best place to start is why you got into the business or joined a specific program in the first place. Chances are it's those VALUES that will attract people.

When I say list VALUES, I am not referring to the aspect of a specific company having TUV dollars in assets and it is run by so and so. While that shows company stability they are NOT values. People don't care how much in assets or who the person is - THEY WANT SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS.

If you know what sets you apart from the competition then make it known and visible. Don't keep it a secret, include it in all your emailing campaigns, put them up on your web site. These "values" can be known in the form of testimonials which are an excellent way to set you apart from the competition AND adds credibility because they were written by unbiased sources. Another thing you could do is include "Your Story." Explain your situation as to why you got involved with a specific program or why you are in the business you are in. People like to align themselves with "like-minded" people, they want to know that "hey this guy is just like me!"

When you make your values visible you are really setting the "bar" for the competition as well. They have to step up and exceed this bar now. They have to work that much harder to keep and attract customers. From a business perspective which would you rather be??

Make your values visible and make it obvious WHY a person should do business with you as opposed to your competition.

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!

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