3G EV-DO or How the Internet Got Its Wings!

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The Internet, as most people know it, is history.

It just seems like yesterday the Internet was just one big mass of wires and cables; a glorified file sharing warehouse with more than a few too many lines sticking out. One enormous LAN party that just got out of hand, causing a ruckus and spilling out down the block and around the world; creating too many millionaires for no good reason and causing too many sleepless nights surfing the neon pink.

The Internet quietly crept into every facet of our lives... no subject or topic was left unexplored in this binary medium. Suddenly, there it was, the authority on everything. Our lives encyclopedia-ed to death by bits and bites.

But the Internet has always been perceived as a connected medium; tied together by cables, servers and networks. Until now that is, because now everything has changed. And it's about time, the Internet has been tied to the ground for far too long, it's time for liberation. Independence Day. Bring it on!

The Internet is going Wireless -- for real this time.

There were a few false starts; you can Bluetooth yourself silly, but you won't get much further than 30 feet or so. The BlackBerry is great but a little limiting. And Wi-Fi services have been around for a long while but those were not really convenient, if you have to find something; it's not convenient. Finding a 'hot spot' is the space age equivalent of finding a 'needle in a haystack'; takes way too much time.

What changes things, what has finally given the Internet its liberation?

Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO (evolution-data optimized) and other companies offering similar services around the world. This new technology will change how we view and use the world wide web. Verizon Wireless began commercial operations in Oct. of 2003 and is now expanding to over 125 million US consumers by the end of 2005.

With download speeds of 400 to 700 kbps and bursts up to 2 Mbps, 3G has really given us wireless Internet this time. It has or will turn the Internet into a truly wireless system that's devoid of any cables or lines and really make it omnipotent. It will be everywhere. No space within our biosphere will be without the Internet very soon.

For now Verizon Wireless or 3G is mainly located in the USA but this will quickly change as other 3G companies and systems start up to fulfill the demand. Wi-Fi may play a role too but will it go the way of the 'Beta'?

However, this wireless universe could not be possible without one other key element. The one element that also helped give the Internet its wings. The answer might or might not surprise you. What really gave the Internet its groove? Can you guess? Give up?

Finally, we come to the last element of this brand new liberated Internet -- the little notebook computer. Don't underestimate the power of this great little revolutionary device, it is doing for the Internet what the cell phone did for the phone industry -- making it wireless, portable, and accessible anywhere.

It could even be argued that it was the little notebook computer that gave the Internet its freedom. Finally cutting the cable and freeing the web, once and for all.

Once we had a portable computer that we could tuck under our arm and take anywhere; we naturally wanted to take the Internet along with it. After all, a computer without the Internet is like having Mickey Mouse without Disneyland -- a real downer -- any kid can tell you that!

Once the notebook or laptop computer gained in popularity, the demand for a wireless Internet grew right along with it. The portability factor being a strong selling point for both the notebook and the Internet.

Likewise, in order to take full advantage of each of them; for business operations, for personal communications, for emailing, for web surfing... a wireless portable Internet was the obvious next step. They compliment each other perfectly and one is not completely whole without the other.

Technology has created this unholy trinity (the Internet, wireless connections and the notebook computer) to fulfill our need for a portable communication system that we can take and access anywhere. Until now, the Internet was limited, tied to cables and never really got off the ground!

But watch out; the cables are cut, the training wheels are off, the bells are starting to ring real fast and this child has found its groove.

Every time a notebook opens, the Internet gets its wings!

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