Wanadoo: 17.99 Pounds 1Mbps Service

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Wanadoo 17.99 pounds 1 mbps service getting good reviews.

Want a smoking deal on broadband service? The real deal in smoking deals may have finally arrived. Wanadoo Broadband, one of the top three broadband providers in the U.K., has recently released a 17.99 pounds 1mbps service for those who are trying out broadband service for the first time.

The price is right for most people, even though the service may be a touch slower than the typical 2 mbps entry point. But for those who have been suffering with dial-up for the past couple of years, they could be in for the treat of their lives, and eventually, if perhaps prices get even more competitive between the three top U.K. broadband providers, they could upgrade to a faster speed for a negligible amount of money. This program is also really good for anyone who simply wants to amp up their dial-up experience as well as for those who may run a small business from home. Even at only 1 mbps, this speed is still more than 20 times faster than typical dial-up service.

Currently, there are tons of cheap Internet offers out there, and dial-up service has easily become the dirt cheapest of all. Some providers even offer dial-up completely free, if you are willing to surf the net with annoying pop-ups and advertisements that will never leave your computer.

But Wanadoo is nothing like this, and, even if at 17.99 pounds, it may be twice as much as most dial-up services, it is considered quite reasonable as far as price for the service provided.

For anyone looking at broadband service for the first time, this price point and speed entry point can be very attractive. It could also be tried by a business owner. Even though later he may need more bandwidth, Wanadoo provides that as well, it is still worth it, and as said before, is a huge upgrade from dial up service.

In the deal from Wanadoo, customers are also offered a free modem, hookup and anti-virus protection. Other competitors, like Homecall and BT Broadband, also offer fabulous introductory offers for 2mbps speeds.

But like anything, if you are looking at broadband for the first time, it helps to do your research. There are a number of providers out there who offer good products at good prices. Even talking to people who use Wanadoo or other reputable broadband providers is still a good plan to help you find the right one for you.

But no matter who you look at for broadband service, it is still difficult to comprehend prices being much lower than Wanadoo's 17.99 pounds per month 1mbps service. Even if prices do continue to drop and make broadband more affordable for everyone, it is still conceivable that this deal could be the deal to beat for awhile.

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