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Ah summer time, it's one of my favorite seasons and it has everything to do with free time, sun and surf. Activities like volleyball, tennis, soccer, swimming, surfing, sprinting after curious children, playing frisbee with the dog, walking a mile to get a frozen yogurt or to find that lost flipper on the beach take precedence. All the ingredients that make exercise happen because, it's summer and it's fun.

I'd like to keep that spirit of summer alive through out the year. By finding a greater reason to stay cardio fit, besides the fact that it keeps you young, vibrant and healthy forever. Everyone does their strength training with me and they do fine, with good results. But I'm no longer satisfied with good results! The cardio component is still missing for some, inspite of my stressing its importance. So I've come up with a solution.

I propose that we get involved in training for a charitable events that involves either a 5K or 10K run (you can walk if that's what you can do, unless you've joined a team sport, then your time is a factor). If everyone chooses an event that will be a motivational challenge you may end up making these events a lifestyle, extending your life, expanding your heart and opening your mind. Other very real benefits include reaching goals with real results, a strong sense of purpose to your training, a chance to meet, share and socialize with other like minded souls. A chance to feel the benefits of team spirit and a huge sense of accomplishment that comes along with your lowered body fat levels.

It's time to get into the spirit of giving..?it's guaranteed life promoting. All proceeds of your efforts go to the charitable cause sponsoring the run. This site has a current list of all upcoming events to choose from I will be keeping logs of everyone's progress, which will be documented and discussed in upcoming newsletters. Your story could be the next spot light article in this newsletter. Just think! Your chance to inspire others too!

Eventually if enough people are involved and motivated, I'd like to reach out and sponsor my own event for a good cause. Perhaps I'll sponsor an ab fab marathon (Nicks suggestion), or body fat loss competition (over a month long period)I am open to suggestions, feedback and ideas. Most importantly, together, lets get involved! Improving ourselves as we help others!

DEBORAH is a highly respected authority in personal training for overall health and fitness, with more than 22 years of experience and success. Her credentials include...

Currently licensed Registered Nurse specializing in Rehabilitative Nursing Medical Exercise Therapist: certified by AAHFRP, an internationally recognized physical rehabilitation certification Maternity Specialist Pre & Post Natal certified by Maternal Fitness Personal Fitness Specialist: certified by NASM, an internationally recognized certification Yoga Teacher Professional Health Member, National Organization of Fitness Instructors (IDEA), a leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals Deborah Caruana RN, AAHRFP, NASM, ACE. email call 212-677-3185 Get Free Fitness Tips, Strategies and Secrets from a recognized expert at my web site:

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