10 Ways to Speed-Up Your Job Search Effort

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Today everyone knows at least one person who has lost their job to down-sizing, right-sizing, cut-backs, production reduction or a mean, vicious "bogus leader" who could care less about your family, your life or your existence at the company. This may sound a bit overboard, but everyone has probably experienced the manager, supervisor or company leader from hell, and if you haven't just stick around.

It is this type of leadership that is taking companies down the path of death and destruction. So what's a jobless person to do? First you must get organized and do a serious self examination. Look at the things you love to do, your gifts and talents. This is not fluff, you may be at the best time of your life if you are willing to get real and do some serious work. You cannot expect others to do this for you, you have to own the unemployment label, and decide where you want to go from here. Leave the pity party for later.

Do you have a charismatic personality? Have you ever done sales? Can't live knowing that your life depends on you getting a commission? Try it. Yes, that's easy for me to say, but "nothing ventured nothing gained" and you should always have more faith in yourself than a "bogus leader." It is unfair and foolish for employees today to think that their employer should always have their best interest in mind when planning company growth and expansion. The company leadership is looking out for the bottom line and that's all. In a perfect world they would care about workers, but this is not a perfect world it's a global economy and it's "all about the Benjamin's."

Here are 10 things you must do before starting your job search:

1. Do an honest in-depth evaluation of your job skills. Take a serious look at your management, financial, communication, research and computer skills.

2. List all those transferable skills, for example, auditing, appraising, recruiting troubleshooting and organizing, and all those task that fit under the umbrella labeled "other duties as directed."

3. When writing your resumes select your words carefully. Use only strong, positive points that are relevant to the job you are seeking.

4. Use skill titles and job headings that match the job you want. Unrelated job titles are a sure indication that you do not have knowledge about the position.

5. Consider doing contractual work. Just consider it.

6. Practice your interviewing skills before the actual interview, and master the one important aspect of nonverbal communication?eye contact.

7. Consider taking a job in an area outside your comfort zone. You might like it.

8. Remember to speak with those folks willing to act as a reference. Never assume that they will say positive things about you, call them and make sure your relationship is still sound.

9. Never email a cover letter as an attachment without a signature. Those cover letters without signatures are often the ones eliminated first. Use a scanner or email from a copy store i.e. Kinko's that will allow you to scan your signature and send a signed cover letter.

10. Keep track of all those positions you are applying for and make sure the people living with you are aware you are applying for positions so they answer the telephone with style and grace. You are a representation of the type of home your come from, so remind everyone to be professional.

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D. Davis is a writer with over 20 years of experience, and has produced a series of e-Books that support parents in creating a good life for their family. Dee may be reached at, or by mail at J. Davis & Associates Publishing, P. O. Box 44782, Detroit, MI 48244-0782, Attention: D. Davis. To learn more visit:

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