Are You Eking Out a Living, and Cant Get What You Want from a Job?

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Many people are working at jobs they don't want and they hate to go there every day. Are you one of them?

Let's start by examining how you got into this kind of "pickle" to begin with. Did you take this job be- cause you thought you couldn't find anything else? Did someone you are close to, tell you to take it even if you didn't want to? Were you in panic be- cause you thought you would be out on the street?

When I listen to people who have gotten into this predicament, I usually find that the main cause for this kind of frustration and unhappiness is because there is a lack of self-esteem and no goal setting. These two elements go hand in hand. It's almost as if the job seeker has lost some part of the self and is willing to be molded by others, outside circumstances or fate.

The cure, in my opinion, is to always have goals for oneself. Some need to be work related while others can be for fun or for learning.

Goals make life sweeter. They can turn a hum- drum job into one you might like. They can also lead ` you to the job of your dreams some day! Make your current job into one or find a new, fun job. It's a matter of attitude, isn't it?

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Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. Certified Job & Career Transition Coach Email: Web:

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