Building Your Army of Supporters: How to Build Strategic Relationships in the Work Place!

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Once you have accomplished your task of getting in the door and getting the job the real job of career advancement begins!

You will soon learn (if you haven't already elsewhere) that corporate politics are ALWAYS surrounding you. If it is not your boss who is fearful of you taking his job it is your co-worker who wants to ensure that they are seen "better" than you when promotion time comes calling. If it's neither, you still have to be prepared to not be in position of being scape-goated. In essence avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong thing!

But how does one demonstrate their great qualities and viewed as a team player without causing strife with your "competitors" (bosses and colleagues)?

Building strategic alliances in the work place is how!

What is building strategic alliances? Well it is the constant communication and trust building you have to do on a daily basis with certain bosses and colleagues and even employees that you may actually be managing.

Strategic relationships through a company are very important when it comes time for promotion (they support you) and for times you might be on the "pink slip" list. Having friends in high places is the ideal solution. But having friends spread out not only in your immediate area but in other areas/departments as well is just as important.

There will be a time when bad information might be circulating about you and you may never know it! having your network squash these harmful rumors is ideal. Therefore you never will have to be in a position to defend your character because your "network" already did it for you.

So how do develop you strategic alliances in the company? Follow these steps:

  • NEVER involve yourself in ANY gossip!
  • NEVER give a negative opinion of a colleague or boss
  • ALWAYS support your immediate boss
  • ALWAYS keep private conversations private!
  • DEFEND a colleague in your alliance if they are in the right.
  • NEVER joke about racial or gender issues. Nod your head in disagreement whenever anyone makes a off colored remark or joke about a "class" of people.
  • ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • NEVER get defensive
  • ALWAYS smile.
  • NEVER shout or yell at another.

The goal is to be perceived as a fair and balanced person whom people can trust. Trust, again, is one of the more important issues to succeeding and rising rapidly in a corporation!

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