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Some may want to interpret "independent" to mean WITHOUT others. None of us are truly independent or able to make it in life alone. All of us depend on family. Friends. Our church family. Schoolmates. Business associates. And others.

You may hear someone say, "she is a self-made millionaire" or "he did it all by himself" and believe it. NOT SO by a mile. There is NO ONE who can make a million dollars without others being involved in making it possible.

Seldom, if ever, is it possible for any of us to "do it all alone". I've racked my brain and every time it takes two to tango. Two to get married. Three to make a crowd. Four to make a quartet. Five makes a quintet and so on to infinity and beyond.

"Independent" is doing everything you can on your own steam. Not leaning on someone else when you don't need to. Carrying your own weight. Paying your own way. Not leaching off others. Being your own person.

You have self-esteem. Believe in your talents and gifts from God. Be willing to use them for others. You share life in its fullness. See the bright side. Seek beauty as it unfolds. Your awareness takes in the good around you. Gloom dissipates in your presence. My kind of guy or gal!


Your employees are NOT independent of your decisions. Paychecks are expected. Benefits are needed for self and family. Vacations earned and anticipated. Dependable equipment to do the work. Environmental issues. Conditions (good or bad) in the workplace are critical to your success.

You, the employer, are expected to meet the needs of your employees. Money must be available to FUND your payroll. Insurance premiums for employees' welfare and protection of your assets must be paid. Lease payments on your equipment come with regularity. Ergonomic chairs and desks are important for the good health of your employees. And many more demands must be met daily, weekly and monthly.

Turn your "cheek" to the other side. YOU are NOT independent either. ALL OF US depend on each other. Employees are hired to do the work that generates the FUNDS to make the payroll; pay for benefits; the vacations; the equipment; and the latest furniture designs.


No big surprises about job security today Vs prior years. At least not this day, time and place. Unfortunately, a lot of employees used to think his/her employer was "for life". All you had to do was stay out of trouble, work hard and do as you were told. After 40 years, you get the gold watch and told to enjoy your retirement.

Remember those days? Places like the utilities, the telephone companies, the post office and others had a unique situation. All of them had a "monopoly" and no competition. All you had to do was go to the rate commission and present your case that costs were outrunning your profits. BINGO!! Approval was given to 'raise' your charges without challenge.

Deregulation changed "some" of that. Interstate commerce changed life among the trucking industry giants. Many went "belly" UP. Could not survive in a FREE economy and had no choice. Consolidation happened. Results were good and bad depending on how you survived the ordeal and challenge of a 'free' marketplace.

None of us ever heard about any of these companies having a layoff. Few ever got fired and usually it was a really bad scene. Do Government employees ? national and local ? have job security unmatched in the private sector? It seems to be so.

Average employees made average wages; get average promotions; average annual increases in pay; average vacation time and average benefits. No more, no less. Just one of the pack and most do an average job in return. It all depends on your level of ambition and motivation.


YOU are your own security. Stay ahead of the "pack" and you are the last to go. Let technology pass you by and you'd better not let the door hit you on the way out. Stop learning and you are GUARANTEED job obsolescence.

Talent is the KEY to job security. Unless you can make a real contribution to the success and future of your employer, you are NOT needed. Brainpower is our most valuable asset in the current marketplace. Ability to THINK. Envision the future and its effect on our goals.


Many of today's newest entrepreneurs are formerly employees of large national firms. Some that did not survive the current economic climate. Others were caught up in downsizing; outsourcing; early retirement; and all the reasons for unemployment.

Even with 96% employment (under 4% unemployment in many large cities) there is still a lot of unrest within many large firms. Stockholders are demanding profits. Wages are under extreme pressure. Prices are locked. Expenses are cut to the bone. Competition is ruthless.

Small businesses require RISK taking, too. There are NO guarantees. Franchises do NOT come with a NO fail contract. Been there. Done that! Lots of reasons for one business to make it while another goes down the tubes.

Your own business is NOT a guaranteed security. YOU are the KEY. It is your vision and your energy, knowledge, talent and skill. Your willingness to work 15 and 18 hour days to build a business.

A business WITHOUT a business plan is headed for the dump. About like trying to take a trip from the East coast to California without a roadmap. Unless you already know the way, you are guaranteed to miss your destination BIG time.

ActionTip: Be responsible for YOUR own destiny. Lifetime employment is a thing of the past for most. Trust God's plan for your life. Invest in your talent. Get an education to propel you into success. Your worth is in your ability to THINK. A Business plan is an imperative. All businesses begin and end without a guarantee. Risk takers wanted!

Don Monteith spent 32 years in the Staffing Business. His firm placed thousands of job candidates in their dream job. Today, he shares his Career Path expertise at his FREE website -

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