Do Your Very Best in All Things -- Because Someone Is Looking....

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Your job is to rise ABOVE the challenge. Do more than is expected. Say nothing negative about anyone or anything. Yes, that is easier said than done for most of us. Still, it is simply good advice for all. You never have to watch your backside when there are no boomerangs returning.


Just today I was reading about a Dad who made his son drive a nail into the fence every time his temper flared. After about 37 nails hammered into the fence the young fellow decided to curtail his outbursts. Every time the son contained his temper Dad let him go to the fence and pull out a nail.

For a moment, lets look at the fence together. What do you see? That's right, an unsightly fence with lots of holes in it. Point is? our outburst or tantrums?. criticisms or put-downs?. will always leave lasting holes/scars.

Most of us have wishes and regrets in the past. Probably wish we could retract those unkind words unfurled in a moment of anger. Can't do it! Permanent for all to see.

Gossip is hurtful too. Sometimes it's real "juicy" stuff. Then it gains momentum. Next person "kinda" embellishes the details. Reputations can be ruined for no reason.

Did you know? Too often the person asking the question does NOT know either but thinks they have the lowdown in full detail. Can't wait to tell ALL the juicy details so "they" can pass along to more people, then others, plus some.


Business is built on TRUST. Confidentially. Integrity. Faithfulness. Your office staff also has to treat each other with respect IF you want success. There is NO place for gossip in your business. No place for anyone to share "juicy" tidbits heard at the water cooler. Even about the boss or the secretary to the chief is off-limits.

Walk away from it. Don't be a party to anything negative. Live your life in the positive and never look back. Your esteem will be intact. Feel good about yourself and see the best in those around you.

Work hard at whatever you do. Hopefully the work ethic was instilled in you at an early age. Often times a mother and/or father work two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. Sacrifices are made for the family to make provisions for their welfare.

With determination many mountains have MOVED. There are NO glass ceilings for those who are unwilling to be blocked. An old saying is? "a rising tide lifts all boats" and there is every reason for YOU to be upon the rising tide.

Bring others along with you. Shatter the glass ceiling. Many a company owner or CEO has risen beyond the limits. College degree required? Race? Sex? Age? None of these can stop the "charger" who knows no defeat.


Discrimination gets blamed as an easy excuse. Sometimes it does happen. But if you work hard and can clearly demonstrate your talent and expertise the "hold down" ropes give way. Nothing can resist the charge of relentless determination.

You see Montel Williams with his own TV talk show. Did it just happen? Trace his story through a Naval Officer career. See his childhood with Mom and Dad who worked 2 and 3 jobs to support their family. He had good role models.

Many others like Montel Williams have risen to celebrity status through sheer determination to succeed. To be and to become the best they can be in their field of choice. Negotiating deals. Asking questions. You need to ask?.

How is my life going to be different?

Am I willing to accept the challenges involved?

How long will I have to study in the field of choice?

(4) Can I gain the respect of my peers?

Learning is a major part of excelling at any job. You need to be well versed in all aspects of your business. Reading industry publications. Participating in Seminars. Going to conventions with the industry giants. Become known as a contributor to the welfare of your group.

Remind yourself that you are the ONLY one that can define who you are. Don't let someone else do it for you. Never compromise your character to appease others. Define your own limits, strengths and abilities.

Remember the man who built a house with cheap materials? Tried to cut corners to save money. Make more profit for himself. When he finished building the house it turned out to be a gift to his family from his boss.

Our biblical admonition is worth repeating?. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (even if NO ONE is looking!). Build your product or provide your service as if it were for you. Maybe your boss will do something special for you, too.

If you own the business, then recognize that YOUR boss is at home waiting!

ACTION TIP: Your own integrity drives your actions. It matters not whether someone is looking. Control your temper at all times. Gossip not. Repeat only good ideas or thoughts about others. Live your life in the positive. "Overcomers" have no handicaps. Ask yourself the questions that determine your direction for NOW and in the future.

Don Monteith spent 32 years in the Staffing Business. His firm placed thousands of job candidates in their dream job. Today, he shares his expertise. Learn more by visiting his website at:

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