Everyone Should Have a RED BALL in the Job Search

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May I explain what about what a red ball means to me and how I counsel others as a career coach.

A RED BALL is a symbol of what you can do and want, especially in a job search.

Here are some uses for a RED BALL, especially when you are stuck for ideas and resources to get your next job.

1. Play with it! Bounce it! See how high it will go. Be silly with it! (No, this is not intended as a 'feel good' exercise). It is a way to free your imagination for goals and ideas about what you want to do next.

2. Carry it with you when you are out and about looking for a job. If you are not afraid of risk, ask others you meet to bounce it! You'll be surprised at how others will react. If some people think you are peculiar and don't want to play with you, you don't want them as RESOURCE PEOPLE who will help you as you explain that the red ball is a symbol of what you are looking for. Engage those folks in conversation, please, who want to play ball with you.

3. Keep the ball at home to look at and imagine your success, it is a PLAYFUL SYMBOL of what is waiting for you! Success as play!

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