How To Stay Calm in Tryng Times

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That's not you? Great! Bad habits are hard to break once the addiction gets hold of us. Been there. Gave up "smokes" long years ago but it took lots of willpower to kick the habit.


Should the question be asked? Is this YOUR best time of day or is ''night' your choice? Everyone has a different clock. Some of us like to sleep longer. Stay up later.

Does it matter? You do whatever has to be done. Adjustments have to be made according to our work schedule. Kids going to school. Some of the little ones stay at home or go to day care. College students go to class. Some early. Others later.


Begin your day with the right attitude. Think positive. Fill your mind with good thoughts. Put up reminders of good things all around you. Look in the mirror and thank God for a new day.

Life is a gift to be enjoyed and shared. Pick up the phone and call someone who needs to hear from you. Drop a note or card in the mail to a loved one or just someone you care about.

Get up 15 minutes earlier than normal. Change your habits. See today as an opportunity to do something special. Reach out to someone else and make his or her day. Get all this good stuff finished early because it's time to hit the road. Look out for those folk who missed the starting line. Road rage is coming!


Sign on bumper sticker says, "horn broke but watch for finger" is just an early warning. Many of us get behind the wheel and turn into a new person. Cars become our weapon to fight this war on the streets. Road rage is everywhere. Every city has it.

Did you cut him off? Drive too slowly? Stopped for a RED light and he wanted to GO? Maybe he just didn't like the color of your car or van. Whatever it was, he wanted you to know ? in no uncertain terms ? you have crossed over the line.

Road rage is getting worse rather than better. Why? What is happening to us? Are we overworked? Is there too much stress due to time demands? Pressures are often self imposed and we may need to back off and regroup.

Our nerves get frazzled and on edge. Remember the time that you rolled down YOUR window and (you fill in here!). Was it an ugly face or gesture at another driver? A pedestrian got in you way crossing the street (even when they had the right of way) and you were livid with rage.

YOUR EMPLOYEES Are you the business owner? Could some of these folk be under stress because of their job? Trying to juggle home life and meet expectations at work. It's tough. Not easy for any of us. Some folk simply break under too much pressure.

Roads are congested. Traffic is bogged down due to new construction projects. Gridlock is a normal occurrence. Blood pressures rise. Everyone gets irritated with the delays. Accidents begin to increase for lack of patience and calm in the storm.


Every one of us (the employee and the employer) must work together in an effort to keep our business operating with good employees who are NOT under stress.

ACTION TIP: Reduce stress by staying calm, cool and collected. Attitude controls your altitude. Practice courtesy and patience. Understand delays. Employee and Employer must assume responsibility to make adjustments to conditions. Be a role model.

Don Monteith spent 32 years in the Staffing Business. His firm placed thousands of job candidates in their dream job. Today, he shares his expertise. Learn more by visiting his website at:

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