Keep Your Phone Costs Down!

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When you're looking for work, some of your expenses will change. You may not commute daily since you won't need a monthly commuter ticket, but each time you travel to an interview by public transportation, it will cost more.

Your dry cleaning bill may be less because you won't need to dress for work each day, but you may need to buy new clothes in order to look great at your interviews.

Well, your phone bill is going to change now that you're at home. Not only will you use your phone to network but you'll probably be speaking to friends more often from home, too.

Have you looked at some of the all-inclusive packages for phone service that are available?

All offer a bundle that include:

? Unlimited direct-dialed long distance calling anytime, anywhere in the U. S. and to Canada.

? Unlimited direct-dialed local and regional calling.

? Unlimited use of Home Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Speed Dialing and Three-Way Calling.

? One bill and one number to call for customer service.

Verizon's plan is $59.99 plus tax; MCI's The Neighborhood offers a similar bundle for $49.99 plus tax; IDT's product is $39.99 plus tax. Optimim offers a voice over IP solution for $34.99; Vonage offers one for $24.99.

Given all the calls you'll be making while you look for work, doesn't it make sense to contain your phone costs and sign up for flat rate service?

Jeff Altman has successfully assisted many corporations identify management leaders and staff in technology, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and other disciplines since 1971. He is also co-founder of Your Next Job, a networking group focused on assisting technology professionals with their job search, a certified leader of the ManKind Project, a not for profit organization that assists men with life issues, and a practicing psychotherapist. For additional job hunting or hiring tips, go to If you would like Jeff and his firm to assist you with hiring staff, or if you would like help with a strategic job change, send an email to him at (If you're looking for a new position, include your resume).

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