Learn How to Throw a Boomerang

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Actually, "the boomerang effect" is a relatively new trend of inviting back talented former employees into the fold.

Surveys indicate 12% of employers cautiously admit they would re-hire ex-employees (alumni). An additional 21% say they welcome back alumni without hesitation because of the time and dollar savings. In fact, the Gartner Group estimated that in 2003, 60% of midsize to large companies will have routinely hired back former employees.

Here are three simple strategies you can consider to reclaim lost talent swiftly:

Keep your alumni on your press release distribution list. Keep them in the loop!

Send current and former employees alike a list of your job openings, departmental news and announcements, and other events related to changing human capital needs.

Invite alumni to company picnics, holiday parties, and other casual, festive events. Don't ostracize them but make every effort to maintain harmonious, open-door relationships.

Remember, your former people are going to talk either way.

Why not help your own cause?

Biography: Lucia Apollo Shaw is the President and CEO of HireWorks, Inc. HireWorks is a professional search firm specializing in the Life Sciences. HireWorks offers research services, contract staffing, and permanent placement services.

She has been helping her customers for nearly 9 years - working both as a third party recruiter for CDI Corp (staffing customers like IBM), Trilogy Consulting (now Venturi Partners) staffing the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry and in places like Duke University where she was a corporate recruiter and Team Leader for recruitment for Duke University Hospital.

Lucia earned a B.A. from the State University of NY (University Center at Albany) and pursued Graduate Studies in Public Administration at the Sage Graduate School in Albany, NY.

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