Preparation is Key

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Interviewing for a new job, or a promotion, can be a stressful situation. However, Preparation is the KEY! When preparing for that all important interview, take time to reflect upon your career experiences; and look for at least five good examples of your accomplishments and challenges--we will call them "bragging points".

Make a list of these "bragging points", and then write a short summary about each situation. Become very familiar with these situations and their details, because they will help you identify certain skill sets (i.e. creativity, leadership, motivation, negotiation, etc.) used in these situations.

The purpose of this exercise is to first help you remember your accomplishments. For example, when your interviewer asks you to tell them something about one of your most recent successes--you will be prepared! Secondly, when your interviewer asks you to discuss a situation where you used leadership--there you go! If you will closely examine each of your "bragging points" you will see that each contains several skill sets.

This type of preparation will take you through just about any type of interview. Regardless of the interview type (i.e. behavioral screening, group, etc.) you will be prepared with quick professional responses, and you will be able to readily identify and present your accomplishments.

Good luck with the interview and remember . . . . PREPARATION IS THE KEY!

Penny Estes

Penny Estes is Director of Sales and Marketing for a general contracting company in Memphis, Tennessee. Her primary responsibilities are to create new sales and marketing opportunities. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Eastern College, St. David's, Pennsylvania. Currently, she is in the process of completing her MBA. Her professional background comprises of extensive experience in executive management, sales and marketing.

Penny has several professional affiliations: AgriCenter Board of Directors, Apartment Association of Greater Memphis Board of Directors, Tip Masters Board of Directors, and active member of Toast Masters International.

On a personal note, Penny and her husband, Tony, were married in Alaska. She has one teenage daughter, Amber, who is aspiring to be an anesthesiologist. Her hobbies include chess, exercise and family activities.

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