Rejection Got You Down in the Job Search?

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It's true, no one wants to be ignored or rejected in any situation. The job search/interview rejection is painful.

If you have been looking for a job for some time, each refusal to hire you makes you feel angry and power- less.

Here are my suggestions to make each rejection less painful.

1. Do lots of interviewing practice, both formal and informal..

2. Apply for a job in many fields.

3. Know who you are, with a job and without.

4. Plan and make specific job goals.

5. Talk to lots of people, send thank you notes too.

6. Make rejection a goal so that you get to the hiring goal faster.

7. Don't take it personally. Play the game.

8. Put exercise into you daily routine.

9. Enjoying love you get from others, makes the rejection easier to take.

10. Show gratitude for what you have.

11. Ask for the job.

c, 2004-05 Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. Certified Job & Career Transition Coach Email: Web:

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