Taking Job Loss Seriously

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Anyone reading this article and has
suffered a job loss recently IS
taking the job loss seriously. The
stages often are:

1. A sense of relief, sometimes
euphoria if the job has been a bad
one, and sadness if the loss has
been unexpected.

2. Next comes anger, resentment
and more sadness.

3. If the job was a bad one, sadness
often leads to real depression and
more anger. If the job was a good
one, expect the same reactions.

4. Euphoria has gone, along with
relief. If finances are grim, coping
with money becomes desperate.
If there is a money cushion for awhile,
procrastination becomes a habit.

5. Stress because of being out of
work, coupled with the other negative
emotions, can make the household
an emotional battleground.

6. If the emotional stability of the
job seeker is frail, suicide might be

7. How to get out of these traps?
The two best methods are to have
emotional support, even if you buy
it, (counselor), and ACTION. Almost
any physical action will get the job
seeker started. And, getting started
AGAIN at anything might make the
difference. It's worth the try!

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A., Certified Job & Career Transition Coach, Website:

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