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Your resume needs to outline your skills and experience, as most know. What some may not know is that employers want to know what you'll bring to the table. They don't want to know what your daily duties were. They want to know what you did for the companies you worked for that makes you extraordinary. Did you save them money, did you make them money, how were you the best at what you did, etc. Yes, employers want to know what your experience is, so duties are good to add. Again, the name of the game is SELL YOURSELF! This does not lose its importance in a resume.

On your resume, point out the skills that will make you a good telecommuter. Can you work well with no supervision? Do you learn fast? Put that on your resume. If you were left to work with little to no supervision at your last job, let them know that. Also tell them how well you did. If you have telecommuting experience, put a big focus on that. Employers want to know that you can handle telecommuting. There's always a risk involved with hiring someone to work from home, so an employer knowing you've worked at home before will be more at ease with you. They will see you as experienced with telecommuting.

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Are you taking a second look at your resume now and thinking it could be better? Don't get discouraged if you can't afford to hire someone or buy a product that helps you. It's very possible with a lot of hard work that you can improve your own resume. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts of resumes. Read through these, and look at the resources below before you get started on your resume.

Do's of Resume Writing (Tips for telecommuting resumes):

Write about your skills sets and experience. Know what type of job you're looking for, and target your resume to that. If you're seeking telecommuting careers, then focus your past skills and experience to telecommuting.

List your accomplishments! This is where you need to really shine. Don't be afraid to show how great you are as an employee. They need to know why you're the best for the job. Also, point out any special skills you may have that would put you above the rest of the applicants.

Convey how you can work independently. I know I've said this before but I wanted to point it out again because in the telecommuting world it's the utmost importance!

Side Note-<-->> Heather Eagar (professional resume writer) of Professional Approach says this of conveying how you're independence is key when applying for a telecommuting position:>

"Also, as is the case with teleworkers especially, you have to convey AUTONOMY. Since they will be off-site, the company has to feel comfortable that they are able to manage themselves." Heather Eagar of Professional Approach

Dont's of Resume Writing:

Don't leave out your job objective!

Don't list hobbies on a resume unless it can directly relate to your job objective.

Don't have a run-on resume. The preferred length of your resume is no shorter than one page and no longer than two pages.

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