Top Ten Guidelines For Working With Executive Recruiters

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1. Select the right type of recruitment partner

Determine whether you would be best served by a retained, contingency, contract or research based partner at a global, national or local level.

2. Interview recruiters to find the appropriate fit

Effective partnerships are built on mutual interests, opportunities, values and performance.

3. Treat an interview with a recruiter with the same care and professionalism as a job interview

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

4. Develop an exclusive relationship with your recruiter

More is not better. Being presented for an opportunity by more then one firm can get you knocked out of consideration.

5. Have well developed job search criteria

Know what you want in a new position and be able to clearly articulate your interests and needs.

6. Understand who the real client is

You're the "solution" not the client. The real client is the company that has engaged the recruiter.

7. Do not pay for services

The employer has the responsibility for paying the recruiter's fee, not you. Do not agree to payment for services.

8. Establish strong communication

Open, honest communication and feedback is key. Look for compatibility in work-style, personality and values.

9. Be your professional best

A recruiter may help you get in the door, but only you can win the job.

10. Actively pursue all other methods of job search while working with a recruiter.

Take a pro-active approach to your career transition with on-going use of networking activities, referrals, job postings, research and interviews throughout the duration of your search.

Jeannette Kraar, president of Performance Management International is the Breakthrough Career Coach and a highly-acclaimed trainer, speaker and consultant. Hundreds of PMI clients have succeeded even in the most turbulent times. Jeannette is the author of BREAKTHROUGH, The Hate My Job, Need A Life, Can't Get No Satisfaction SOLUTION.

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