When Your Job Goes Away: Seven Tips

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Q. "What do I do after a job goes away?"

A. Many people believe that job losses are like earthquakes and computer meltdowns. It's not "if" the Big One is coming. It's when.

Sometimes you decide it's time for a change. At other times, you're surprised by events. Either way, your life can be disrupted. Many people are surprised at their own feelings, even if they couldn't wait to leave that job.

Here are some steps to take with the Big One is here.

1. Discuss your resources with a qualified financial advisor. Can you stretch your funds beyond six months? Equity loan? Brokerage margin loan? Short-term jobs?

2. Explore feelings, if need be, with a qualified specialist. Many people grieve lost careers, houses and cities -- even those they hated the most

3. Go slow! Sell the house, move to Wyoming and live in a tent? By December, the tent is cold and the bears have confiscated your computer to play hibernation solitaire. "Career winter" is no longer a metaphor.

4. Explore free or low-cost career resources. Check out the Chamber of Commerce, your alumni career center, SCORE, and the unemployment office. If you have trouble staying focused or making a plan, paying your own career coach may be a good investment.

5. Do something fun at least once a day. Take the dog to the park, eat an ice cream sundae, visit a museum. Malls and television are (usually) distracting but not satisfying.

Caution: If "fun" has gone from your life and your vocabulary see #2 -- right away.

6. Get physical. Walk, run, work out, play a sport every day. Exercise creates energy and keeps you healthy.

7. Get creative. Write, paint, take a ceramics or poetry class.

Seems frivolous? No You'll need to be creative when you plan your next step. Get the juices flowing.

Above all, keep a journal. Life will look very different a year from now and you will be amazed how far you have come and how much you have learned.

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