Why It Is Impossible To Raise Your Standard Of Living Working A Job

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Everything in nature has been endowed with what it needs to survive. There is no living thing that isn't inherently equipped with the skills and abilities it needs to secure its continued existence. Whether through instinct, size, camouflage or speed, no gazelle, lion or giraffe has to go to trade school to learn how to survive. That's the beauty of the divine plan. We, as humans, are part of this plan and each one of us is given something that sets us apart from everyone else; something that we can use to ensure our own survival.

Before industrialization sent hoards of us to the cities to work on assembly lines in factories, we all used something we did or owned to exchange for the things we couldn't do or didn't own. Experts say that before the Industrial Revolution, 80% of us where entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, because we now live in a capitalistic society, we rarely have a chance to be rewarded for the extraordinary potential we bring to the universe. Instead, we are rewarded for the lowest common denominator--something we share with just about everybody else; our time and your presence. Think about it. You're paid simply for showing up to a job for a certain number of hours to do a job which somebody else could just as easily do; It's this replaceability that ensures that the big business-which competes on price-can stay in business. If people were compensated based on the real value of their "talents" big business couldn't survive.

So even if he or she wanted to, no employer can or will ever pay you what you're worth. You can beg for a raise every year, work more hours, or go on a constant quest for the next higher paying position in an effort to improve your life, but conditions will invariably stay the same. The only way to really raise your standard of living is to leverage your talents, your gifts, your interests and your hobbies to create a product or service that you can sell to increasing numbers of people and free yourself from the cycle of trading time for money. You need to become a passionpreneur and turn your passion into profit!

By taking this bold step, you'll join the ranks of a unique group of people I call "Passionpreneurs."

Passionpreneurs are men and women of every age, ethnic group, educational background, profession and religion. They include housewives, inventors and artists. They are a diverse group of people from every corner of the globe. However, Passionpreneurs do share one common trait: they've all found something they enjoy doing and have decided to keep doing it.

More significantly, not only do Passionpreneurs enjoy what they do, they get paid to do it! They've found the hidden value in their talents, interests or pastimes, offer that value to the world in the form of unique products and services, and do so for profit. In other words, they've created businesses that allow them to make money doing what they love. As a result, many have walked away from frustrating jobs to live what I call a Passion -Centered lifestyle. They set their own schedules and control their time. They live according to their own personal value system rather than someone else's. Furthermore, Passionpreneurs experience the joy, empowerment and unique satisfaction of being compensated for being who they choose to be, honoring what they believe in, and doing something they feel divinely called to do.

So why should you become a passionpreneur? I can think of no greater case one can make than simply happiness.

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Walt F.J. Goodridge is a career coach known as the "Passion Prophet." He is author of 10 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Walt helps people become "passionpreneurs" making money in business doing what they love! Take his revealing personality test at to discover or your Passion Profile or mailto:

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