Writing A Great Resume, Part 1

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Need a great resume to land that great job coming up? We are going to learn to create an eye-catching resume, using Microsoft Word.

First, you need to collect all the information you will need to complete your Resume (dates of employment, education dates.....).

Let's go to 'start' -- 'programs' -- 'Microsoft Word'. When the page opens, begin where the cursor is flashing and type in 'Resume'. Skip a few lines, by pressing the 'enter' key.

Type in 'Personal Details'. Give your name, complete address, phone and fax number (if you have a fax #). Skip a few more lines.

Type in 'Employment'. Begin with your last job and list the dates (from -- to) of each job, hit the 'tab' key, and enter your job title. Press 'Enter' and type the details of your duties.

Skip a few more lines and type in 'Education'. Complete this section like we did for 'Employment', only give the dates you attended school and the subject studied.

Skip a few more lines and type in 'Computer Skills'. Tell them what type of computer skills you have (ie -- PC or Mac, how long you have been working with computers and any other information about computers that you think they should know).

Skip a few more lines and type in 'Hobbies and Interests'. Tell them what you are interested in and what you enjoy doing during your time away from work.

Check your Resume for any spelling mistakes, by going to the 'Tools Menu' and choose 'Spelling and Grammar', or use F7 on your keyboard to bring up the 'Spelling and Grammar'.

Let's style our Resume by highlighting the title and clicking the 'Center' toolbar button. Go to the 'Format Menu' and select 'Font'. Choose the style and size of your 'Font'. You can 'view' the style and size, in the preview window. When you have it the wy you want it, click 'ok'.

To 'save' your Resume, got to the 'Save Toolbar Button'. Give your Resume a name, 'My Resume'. Click 'save'. I suggest you save it in the Business Stationery Folder we set-up for our letterhead and business cards.

You can also use the 'wizard' to complete your Resume. This might be a good idea for the first one (so you get the idea). You will get the wizard when you first open up Miscrosoft Works. Just double-click on 'Resume' and follow the instructions.

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