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Use a resume as a foot in the door

When you go to college, they don't really teach you how to advance your career. In order to get the jobs you want, you need to know how to write an effective resume that will win you interviews. In order to be successful, you need to look at resumes as marketing brochures. Writing good resumes demands that you understand their purpose. They just need to have enough information to attract the recruiter and the hiring manager.

People win jobs in an interview

Don't include everything when writing resumes. You want to leave something to talk about in your interview. Here's an example. You could include how your writing saved your last company X dollars. Don't say how your writing saved them money. Leave a little bit out so that the interviewer wants to bring you in to find out what makes you so special.

Resumes don't get you the job, closing the deal in the interviews is what gets you the job. Remember to use resumes correctly; they're meant to be "business cards" that you post on job web sites like career builder or But a piece of paper can't convince somebody to hire you as much as your own interviewing skills will be able to do.

And don't bank on resumes to get you that offer from an interviewer. Prepare for interviews by anticipating the hard questions that your interviewer will ask. Only by preparing thoroughly for interviews will you give yourself a chance at career advancement.

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