You Are Lucky in Your Career!

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You Are Lucky in Being Satisfied in Your Career

Just for fun let's you and I, reader, consider that you are satisifed with your current career.

It's good to find out why. You have a good boss, good hours, good benefits and have a great chance of being promoted soon. You are lucky and fortunate. What are you doing for yourself that this good fate will continue? Are you preparing yourself for that promotion? How?

One thing you might consider is to informally poll your co-workers about your performance. No, this does not mean that you set up a questionnaire about "how you're doing" or set up an artificial meeting or conversation about yourself. An informal way of measuring yourself can be: Are you informed about the latest personal gossip? Do your co-workers come to you with questions about procedures? Do they invite you to lunch, include you in non-work activities? Are they comfortable with you?

What about your superior's? The same type of informal "interview" can be done with them.

What do you do with this subjective information? You can relish it for the trust that you get from your companions and superiors. Great to feel rewarded by others. you can move this momentum forward by using this good will for your promotion.

An example would be to suggest new ideas to your "team" and check on their reactions. If the new procedure is adapted warmly, then you will know that you can proceed with an introcductory plan to your superiors. If the idea or procedure is not well thought of, you can introduce it in another form to check on its acceptance. If, after at least three attempts to gain favorable approval for your idea, it is best to scrap it.

Each time you get an adequate result to your ideas, be sure to incorporate them into the bigger plan you will present for a promotion. This way, your plan will almost be "pre-approved" and more difficult for your superiors to say no.

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