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When the first cell phone arrived onto the market it was very basic but in those days it was classed as the best invention since electricity. Would we dispute that now? The cell phone manufacturers today are in constant battle to win over your dollars with the latest cellular phones science has to offer. You are as the consumer need to aware of what is best for you. Many people receive their first cell phone after they sign up to a cell phone carrier for the first time. The phone may not exactly be what you want but it's a starting point saving you money.

What's the difference anyway?

There are so many differences when it comes to choosing cell phones. Price is one thing but functionality is most important. Cell phones such as, camera phones, PDA and GPS are all the rage on today's market but you need to look at your own needs before choosing.

Camera Cell Phones:

Camera cell phones are as their name suggests a cell phone that can capture photographs. They are very popular with all ages but mostly with teens to those in their early twenties. All the major cell phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, and Motorola etc have seen their profits sore since their introduction onto the market. The idea of sending photos to friends and family via MMS appeals to most especially for those who have family living far away. The phone itself can also be attached to your home or office PC and the photo's then uploaded to the PC and emailed globally if you wish. The camera cellular phones range in price depending on the quality of the camera, most now have built in zoom in / out options and offer a limited movie take generally 30 seconds to 1 minute. All in all the camera phone is good quality fun phone to have.

GPS Phones:

Firstly GPS stands for Global Positioning Satellite. GPS cell phones are at the higher end of the scale and once again all the major cell phone manufacturers are making them. They are ideal for a number of different people. For those of us who love outdoor adventure such as mountainous walks, climbing or skiing the GPS phone could be a life safer. GPS allows you to be pin pointed to an area at all times, so if in the unfortunate case of you being lost or hurt you will be tracked down and brought to safety. On the other end of the scale employers are purchasing the GPS cell phones for employees in order to keep track of their whereabouts (not a great idea for the employee who plays golf). The GPS phone is generally more expensive.

PDA Phones:

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. PDA cell phones are more like your home PC, they are ideal for those who work in an office environment and need to travel to clients or simply work from home. Like your home computer they have a processor, memory and a good quality TFT display. You will even have a smaller version of windows to navigate around the different programs. As you might imagine the PDA phone is the most expensive on the market with all the functionality available to it.

What one is for me?

Well that a question for you but have a think about it, cell phones are not overly cheap so choosing wisely is a must. The camera cell phone is ideal if you are going to maximise it's use for photo's, be aware that sending photo's via text or MMS as it is called is much more expensive than sending standard texts. GPS is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or employers who need to keep track of staff. PDA cell phones are great as mini computer and ideal for office workers or even students. If you wish to travel internationally with your cell phone you need to check two things: Firstly ask your cell phone carrier about the coverage and roaming rates in the country you intend travelling too, roaming rates can be very high depending on what carrier you are with. Secondly your cell phone may need tri or quad band functionality so check the specifications of the cellular phone before purchasing.

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