Cell Phone Reviews ? Why Do Them?

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Well let's be honest some people just don't bother doing cell phone reviews, and why should they? Well let's keep things simple, would you just walk into a car showroom and drive away within 5 minutes, not many would unless you have done your homework first. Cell phones can be complex, you need to know what you what before you jump and buy, and then there are the cell phone carriers, who to choose from. A little research goes along way. The cell phones today are far different than when first introduced onto the market. We now have GPS phones, camera phone, PDA phones and phones with Bluetooth technologies. Bluetooth, when it first came out I thought it was a fashion icon to dye your teeth. You have to be aware of what you are buying in order to maximise the usage.

What are you using the phone for?

Simple question like what is the phone for, need to be answered. Do you need the cell phone for business, general call or fun (camera phones). What cell phone manufacturer do you prefer, or do you even know of any? Well here are a few to keep your mind open: Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Motorola, NEC, Oki, Sony Ericsson, Philips, JRC and Mitsubishi to name but a few. Well let's put things into perfective, all the major cell phone manufacturers claim to better than the other, word off month from friends and family will give you an honest opinion or maybe you have used a previous cell phone from one of these manufacturers. Everybody has a key use for the cellular phone, do you need to take photos? If so the camera phone is really the only option, if you need quality photos you need to check if the camera phone has a zoom in and out option and what the pixel rate is. Do you want a flip screen cell phone or standard display?

Business users may benefit more from the PDA phones. PDA are ideal as they are compared to as a mini PC. The specifications can be looked as that to a computer and it is the ideal phone for working from home or hotel rooms if you travel. The GPS phones are great for the more sporty among us such as climbers or adventurers. Global positioning satellite will allow you be traced if lost or in difficulty, great for those travelling to remote regions.

By researching a little you get a whole new perspective on cell phones and manufacturers. The market leaders in cell phone manufacturing are the ones who bring out the newest technology, keep your eyes on the web to see bulletins and news flashes in the communication business world. Cell phones have come down in price with the increased competition and the ever growing demand by the general public but they still need careful consideration.

Cost Saving:

If you are reluctant to get another monthly bill into the household you can opt for the prepaid cell phones. Prepaid cellular phones are very popular and a great way to manage your finances. There is no monthly bill, it's simply pay as you go. You get credit for your phone from your local store or simply call a number given to you by the cell phone carrier and top up with a credit card. Remember prepaid cell phones are more expensive per minute to operate than a bill phone.

Trade in your old phone

Most people are aware but some are not, if you already have a bill phone and are looking to get a new one ask in your store about a trade in or upgrade, most cell phones carriers offer upgrades as an incentive to stay connected to their network. Do not simply go and pick one of the shelf and pay for it without mentioning the possibility of an upgrade.

Cell phone accessories to go with the phone:

Many of us like to spice things up a little with our phones by changing the cell phone face plate and so on. Not all cell phones allow this to happen so check before you buy or you could be in for a disappointment.

Phones that work internationally:

Do not take it for granted that the phone you buy works internationally if you want to travel. Most cell phone manufacturers have models available to do so but you need to ask about their range of tri band or quad band cell phones.

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