Cellular Phones and Television

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What if you want to catch up on the morning TV news passing the time away on your morning train commute into the city. Stuck in line somewhere and want to find out what your favorite sport team is doing. Well, an alternative that is coming soon instead of TiVo or videotaping your favorite TV program is watching cell phone television.

"Cellular carriers are banking on the fact that Americans love TV," said Neil Strother, an industry spokesperson with In-Stat/MDR Inc. "By delivering these new video applications, carriers think they will be able to lower customer turnover and develop new revenue streams." In fact, Nokia just recently acknowledged wireless television pilot program in Finland.

Cellular manufacturers have been toying with this idea for some time but the technology just wasn't there. It will require a combined effort on the part of cell phone manufacturers and television programming providers. Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola's headsets are leading the pact by providing phones that include tuners that have the capability of receiving television programming.

Some milestones are still need to be reached including the capability of watching TV on a cell phone for long periods of time without the battery running out. As well, the video quality just isn't there yet and needs to be worked out.

Cell phones aren't just for talking anymore.

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