Cordless Phone Systems

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Cordless phone systems offer many features and are ideal for small businesses or businesses that are run from home. As well as increasing the portability of your phone system, they also increase office efficiency and productivity.

The first cordless phone systems were introduced in the 1970 and suffered from issues such as large handset size and short battery life. Since then the technology and security of modern systems has grown continuously.

A good cordless phone system can now offer benefits such as: voice mail, call forwarding, caller I.D. and many more. The latest systems also offer: lightweight handsets, speed dialling, digital answering and long battery life. You can now choose from a range of high quality cordless phone systems that offer excellent clarity with virtually no interference.

Cordless phone systems allow you to contact a user that may be walking around. Each system has a base unit which enables you to page the handset of a user, so long as they are in range. You can then speak to the user through the intercom facility. Some systems allow you to use another handset as the intercom instead of the base station.

Cordless phone systems can be integrated into existing office phone systems. Over the past few years, the development of new technology has made it possible for some cordless phone systems to be integrated into already existing office phone systems. Enabling companies to take full advantage of all the features and benefits that come with cordless phone systems, without suffering the cost and upset arising from the implementation of a new full office phone system.

Put simply, cordless phone systems allow you to wander freely around your business environment, without the fear of missing an important call or losing vital new business. They are truly wonderful pieces of equipment and can only enhance the profitability of any small business.

Jason Morris is co-author of Business Phone Systems Direct. An established communications company, offering advice and implementation of high quality business phone systems.

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