Is That Your Cell Phone Ringing or Mine?

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The newest technology is incredible and getting better. The newest 3G technologies have the ability now to find your exact position and with a little work and multiple sites with in a region can also figure your speed in real time. This could be good for catching those who might harm our troops. Or it could assist you and alert you that there is a Starbucks nearby and then give you directions and then charge you for your favorite drink? Seriously and also charge your toll so you do not need an Express Card or stop at the toll booths;

There has even been speculation that cell phones can help with health issues and Some say the cell phones cause brain tumors. others say that they help? The good thing about 3G technology is that it has much less power in the handset, longer battery life and less microwaves entering your cranial area. The Wireless revolution is here and those of us who are sensitive to frequencies bands will find it difficult to have quality of life in those areas. A study by three Dutch government ministry research scientists found that radio signals for the next generation of mobile phone services can cause headaches and nausea and of course all this too is debated.

In this particular study they compared the effects of radiation from base stations used for the current mobile telephone network with the radiation effects of base stations of 3G networks. The study found that the test group exposed to third generation base station signals felt tingling sensations, got headaches, and felt nauseous. Cognitive functions such as memory and response times were actually boosted by both 3G signals and the current signals. This is interesting and I have found this to be true when I used lots of minutes on my cell phone, I had more brain activity.

Other studies have recently come out and said that small does of microwave are actually good for you. And I have found that significant does of caffeine during periods of high cell phone use increased and stimulated brain activity to higher levels of thinking. The ramifications of the study to WiFi networks is clear: previous research into the health effects of radio frequency radiation always measured the impact of cell phones, which are held close to the head and cause high fields of radiation close to the ear and warming of the brain. I have found that it heated up the back of the brain or cerebellum and thus stimulated the brain, but also could cause headaches, until which time the brain got use to that frequency. And then it enjoyed the stimuli and was even able to pick up that signal. Meaning, just seconds before the phone rang the brain felt stimulated, in other words the brain was in fact picking up the signal. And this even worked when the phone was in the next room.

So these studies are correct and the 3D technology and the cognitive enhancement, I can vouch for is real. VERY REAL. The Dutch study, on the other hand, used lower a dose of radiation to mimic base station signals rather than handsets. Handsets emit stronger radiation when they are used, while base stations transmit more constant levels of radio signals, exposing everyone within range. I therefore propose this:

Some are doing this for safety, we are studying this to increase the world knowledge and better the human race. And realize that we will soon be able to use this data along with other significant research like this to connect the brain to machine, increase our capacity and create artificial life with a soul being a frequency wave of RF, VLF, ELF or microwave. Connecting Man to computer or putting computers in man is almost here:

The Europeans, have been way ahead of us in these studies, for instance this study in Belfast at the University, but just because you have a hands free unit does not mean that the power in the wire is not also going to your brain and if you are wearing your cell phone on your belt, your reproductive organs are there, which might be more important to the future of the human race than your personal brain? Think about it. Some say it could in fact help with population control although that is not so funny when you think about it. In any species, the job of the individual is to be born, procreate and then die, thus continuing the cycle and the species. Don't mess it up? Look at the picture there. And the WHO, no not the band, the WHO-World Health Organization says it finds issues with the use of cell phones and of course they are not the only ones studying this the National Radiological Protection Board also is now involved in a big way among their other important studies on the effects of these things.

There is another interesting use of the 3G technology, if you phone is with you and you are speeding between cell towers you may receive a ticket in the mail? Bummer, the cell phone, which allows you mobility will be the reason you get charged a fine.

There are pros and cons to the newest 3G Cell Phone Technology, but best of all you will be able to here whoever you are calling almost anywhere in the world very soon.

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