Attitude is Contagious - Would Anybody Want Yours?

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Are you using the Life Potential you have been given? Or are you just existing?

We have all inherited standards, traits, habits, perceptions, and expectations based on what our parents, teachers, and peers taught us. We have allowed these to grow as a result of whatever we then learned as adults, and they continue to grow with whatever we feed our minds.

We have all heard the expression: "the fruits of our labor". Picture a tree growing on fertile ground. Notice the lush, green leaves and the ripe fruit. The fruits represent whatever you have achieved (or what you want to achieve). With careful pruning (weeding), water, sunshine and love or care, your tree will continue to produce. Now imagine if you could see the roots of your tree. The roots are the foundation. They cannot survive without the pruning, water, sun or love. They wither, turn to weeds and die without these.

You are that tree! Are you living in the "Garden of Weedin'"? Without the things vital to your growth, to your Life Potential, you will wither and cease to grow.

If you are not "growing", you are "dying"! The first step in growing is recognizing, becoming AWARE that you need the pruning, water, sun, and love to survive and to reach your peak potential. The next step is to get out of your "comfort zone" and take ACTION! And if you want success, learn it! Success is a learnable skill!

Your thoughts will lead to feelings which, in turn, lead to actions which yield results.

Thoughts  Feelings  Actions = Results!

Identify the 2 Main "Roots" of Your 'Tree of Life Potential':

1. JOY - take Joy in whatever you choose to do. If your career, job or life doesn't bring you JOY?change it!

2. PURPOSE - find a purpose in "serving" others; help those around you. How do you contribute to other people? What can you do to contribute?

When you have succeeded in attaining those 2 "Roots" you are fulfilling your Life Potential! Do you have Joy in your job/career? Are you helping others in some unselfish way? If you cannot answer "YES" to BOTH questions, then something needs to be changed.

And in order to change we must be willing to take ACTION.

Affirmation: (say aloud) "My inner world creates my outer world!"

Your inner world creates your outer world!

You create your wealth, your non-wealth, your health or lack of good health, your reality or fantasy. And, how you do anything is how you do everything! There is much to be said about the power of your own intentions. You get what you expect! If you expect to be broke, always struggling financially or personally, you WILL BE! If you truly expect to succeed and win, you WILL!

Develop yourself. The best investment you have is what you see in the mirror. If you want to be happier, work on YOU! If you want to earn more money in whatever you choose to do, work on YOU! If you want a successful marriage, work on YOU! If you want well-adjusted children, work on YOU! Children model what they see and hear! And so can you.

Rich, successful people model and admire other rich and successful people!

If you wanted to learn how to become a computer programmer, would you go to a hairdresser for advice? If you wanted to learn how to be a better parent, would you talk to someone with no children? If you want to learn how to operate and manage your own business would you go to someone who has failed in his or her last 3 business ventures? Of course not. If you want to be successful, you model and admire other successful people. If wealth is what you want, learn from those who have wealth. And there are many kinds of "wealth" ? not just financial.

Wealthy people think differently than "poor" people: Wealthy people believe "I create my life!" Poor people believe "Life happens to me!" Poor people expect to just pay the bills; wealthy people expect to create success and win.

Wealthy people are never victims. While most people live in fear, need and obligation, wealthy people don't let those things stop them. People are motivated by fear, proving their self-worth and anger. Fear paralyzes you! It stops you from taking action. Practice acting in spite of fear, discomfort, inconvenience and doubt.

When you are uncomfortable, you are out of your "comfort zone". When you are uncomfortable, it is the only time you are growing!

Become a "Whatever It Takes!" Person!

If you become a "whatever it takes" person, YOU WILL SUCCEED! If it takes a bigger commitment to succeed in your goal, commit! If it takes longer hours to get what you want, work them! If it takes doing something you fear, conquer it! If it takes setting down a schedule, follow it! If it takes attending meetings/seminars to learn, be there!

Affirmation: (say aloud) "I act in spite of fear, discomfort, inconvenience, doubts and worry!"

Action is the bridge between the Inner and Outer World.

Break the cycle of FEAR!

Most things are easier than our minds make us believe. You are much bigger and greater than your mind. If you train and manage your mind, you will diminish the fear; you will then be able to learn and "own" your mind. You and your mind are the only things that determine your happiness.

Rule your mind; don't let your mind rule you!

Your mind is not usually on your side; it is a survival mechanism -- designed to be protective, to keep you in your "comfort zone". Break free! Get out of that zone! Recondition yourself!

80% of SUCCESS is Psychology & Character

20% of SUCCESS is Knowledge & Skills

How do I recondition myself? LEARN strategies, proven techniques then put them into ACTION! Build on your psychology and your character by reading anything motivational, by listening to anyone who motivates you, by attending workshops conducted by successful people. Model those who have what you want! Believe you CREATE your life!

Is your 'Recycle Bin' Empty or Full?

Share what you learn and remember your "Purpose"? Contribute to others. We have all heard the saying: "What goes around, comes around!" If you send out signals of financial struggle, fear and doubt, you will attract more of the same. Remember that the way you support and help others is the way they will support and help you! Practice supporting others?start TODAY! Find a mentor ? a coach. A good coach will ask more of you than you will of yourself.

Don't become a "CRAP MAGNET"! If your mind is sending you crap, delete it! Positive IN, garbage OUT! Attitude IS contagious! Would anybody want yours? And "don't just talk the talk-walk the walk!" If you want to be wealthy, happy and own your sense of purpose, make it happen. It is much easier for most of us to pretend we want it, than to actually DO it!

Position yourself for success. Position yourself for wealth. "Change brings opportunity; quick change brings quick opportunity! Why wait? Start now! If you want to be paid more, BE more! Once you find something that works, duplicate it! Leverage yourself!

"One step in the right direction is worth one hundred years thinking about it!" - T. Harv Eker

Note: I believe in serendipity and synchronicity. The above article is compiled from various courses or informational seminars that I have attended over the years. It is meant to uplift and inspire. CKT

?2003-2005 Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Cheryl Kaye Tardif is the author of Whale Song, Divine Intervention and upcoming new release, The River. She has appeared on television and radio, and has been featured in newspapers and magazines across Canada and the US. A former motivational speaker for a well-known international company, she has inspired people to achieve goals they thought were impossible, and she uses her motivational skills to encourage others. According to bookstore managers, Cheryl has the highest and most consistent book signing sales in Edmonton, and has often surpassed $500.00 in sales for one signing. She is also the owner of, a site that promotes Canadian and American authors, and she is the creator of A.F.T.E.R. ~ Authors For Tragic Event Relief,

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