Context is King!

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If you've been around the Internet for more than two hours, you've probably heard someone say it or write it. If you haven't, you will.

Content is King.

What they're saying is that the message is what's important on a web page, not spinning logos or dancing exclamation marks. You'll see it trotted out when people ask about new technologies like streaming media and Flash presentations.

"Don't mess with that junk. After all, Content Is King."

It's my observation that those people are partially right. I would amend that to:

"Content is King, IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT."

Suppose you propped up your computer screen in front of someone who cannot read? Would your words still be more important than the Flash movie with sound? Or would the moving pictures and flowing narrative do a better job of telling your story?

The same idea applies in building a business. You can talk all you want about making $10,000 a week.

If the person you are talking to has no concept of making $10,000 a week, what you say has no meaning.

If the person you are talking to already makes $100,000 a week, your measly $10K isn't very impressive.

The two prospects are getting the same content. They're getting it in different contexts.

So how do you find out what the other person's context is?


Talk to them. And really listen to the answers you get. If you hear things like "that's not possible" or "I can't afford it" then you know their context doesn't include what you're offering.

You can use the same tool on yourself. If you find yourself resisting an idea that makes sense to you, check your context. You might not hold that idea as possible for you.

If you still want whatever that idea offers, the only answer is to change your context. Which is a subject for another day.

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