Do You Want to Make More Money as A Life Coach

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There's a lot of coaches out there not making any money, looking for opportunities, trying to model what others are doing, networking like crazy, researching, visualizing, affirming and hoping? yes, hoping that the clients show up before the bailiffs.

I've been involved in Marketing and PR and worked with and met the good, the bad and the ugly of the coaching world and can honestly say if you are not making any money there is probably a reason why that I can help you with.

There is usually a very fundamental point missed. You've probably pitched into your the business cards, the letter heads, the brochures and all the online stuff and you've probably even read a few good books on marketing? And it still ain't happening.

Maybe you get a client or three, but before you can build your coaching practice to client number four, the "client pack of cards" falls down and you pace the office exclaiming "why oh why?

Well, the answer is easy. All the networking, all the marketing, researching, modeling and hoping, visualizing and affirming isn't going to make a blind bit of difference unless you back up a couple of steps.

What most coaches have failed to do is define themselves. They do this because they fear if they say, 'I'm a relationship coach' that they'll miss out on all the health and fitness, money and career business.

What career business? What health and fitness, what money? It's not exactly been pouring in has it?

You have to define yourself. If you don't, you won't ever get more than a trickle of business.

When you define yourself you clearly say to your target market, 'Heads up, I'm your baby. You have problem X. Wow, I fix problem X. This is how it works.'

And I don't just mean defining your self as simply a "Relationship Coach" I mean what kind of relationship coach. Are you the relationship coach for busy executives who wants to find their soul-mate? Are you the relationship coach for people who have suffered abuse? Are you the relationship coach for newly weds?Mum's with children or dad thinking of running away.

Define yourself for goodness sake. Tell your market you are the God or Goddess of coaching on that particular problem. Send them a clear message, not the diluted I cover all ailments tosh that most of the market bewilders prospects with.

I've worked with a top UK coach. She's an absolute master at defining. When you think you're clear on something she makes it clearer. As a result of the defining she's done on her coaching practice, the whole thing exploded.

She's a great example. You have to find your message. Until you do, don't waste money on stationery, marketing and websites.

Find your message! Educate your audience and success will be yours.

Neil Millar

Neil Millar is a novelist and Personal Development Author, acclaimed by a New York Times best Selling Author as 'A Master of foreshadowing and suspense.' He's also worked closely with top UK coach Jo Ball. Find out their books and programmes and philosophies at

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