Have a World-Changing Conversation

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I know what you're thinking? "Here I am, completely stressed out and overworked, and here's Barbara telling me that I can change the world by having a conversation! Really?the heat must have fried her brain?"

You're absolutely right. (About the world-changing conversations, not about the fried brain.) I'm not talking about changing the big world; I'm talking about changing your world. Here are some examples:

During a group discussion on motivation, one woman learns a new way of celebrating everyday accomplishments. She easily integrates this into her daily life, and is soon achieving goals she thought were months and years away.

A coach suggests to a client, "Why don't you turn your pager off during your train ride home?" Lo and behold, the client finds that she's arriving home much less stressed and much more ready to spend quality time with her family.

An entrepreneur joins a group of other entrepreneurs in the same industry. After a few weekly meetings, she learns that she is much further along in her business planning and growth than many of her colleagues. She stops beating herself up for what she hasn't yet accomplished, and appreciates herself for what she has. Focusing on the positive allows her to attract even more new business and opportunities.

The premise is simple: the right conversation can kick-start the next greatest phase of your life.

I don't mean meaningless, "talk to anyone you meet about anything" conversations. I'm talking about meaningful conversations about subjects that have value to you. A small group of folks discussing an issue that is important to all of them. Meaningful conversations bring many benefits?

If you've been working on something by yourself for a long time, you might really benefit from the insights and experiences of others who have been where you are.

If you've been trying to make progress on an issue, or create a larger change in the world, and are frustrated by a lack of movement, seeking input and sharing ideas with others can help spread the word faster.

If you are feeling isolated and alone, it can help just to know there are others out there in the same situation. Regardless of how you do it, I encourage you to start engaging in meaningful conversation today.

You can certainly change your world?and who knows what will happen from there?

(c)2005 Barbara Bellissimo.

Barbara Bellissimo is a women's life transformation coach, and author of the book, "Become Your Own Great and Powerful: A Woman's Guide to Leading Your Real, Big Life."

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