How Do You Build Momentum in Your Business and Life?

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A few weeks ago at a "Leadership from the Ground Up" conference, Donald Trump spoke about the ingredients for success. I found his topic on momentum very intriguing. My thoughts have been returning to his presentation in my mind ever since.

Mr. Trump shared a story about his friend who lost momentum, and the devastating impacts this friend experienced as a result. He also said that momentum is something you have to work hard to maintain. His words got me thinking - I've never really focused on maintaining momentum or building it. I haven't really thought about it at all; I just know when I have momentum and when I don't.

I looked the word "momentum" up in the dictionary - the tendency of an object to continue movement in a single direction. To me, the speed of the movement indicates the degree of momentum. If it is very slow, there isn't much momentum, period.

I recognized a lack of momentum in an area of my business. As a result, I've started looking at this situation and trying to increase momentum. As well, I now notice the degree of momentum others around me have and the degree of results they are achieving.

Most of us realize that when we take on too many projects at once, we will find it difficult to get even one project completed. I now understand more fully that this contributes significantly to the degree of momentum we will have. I also recognize that when we don't have a lot of momentum, we will probably become overwhelmed and discouraged, and won't achieve our desired results. So - how can you build momentum and as a result avoid overwhelm?

Eight Ways How You Can Build Momentum

1. Act NOW

Pick one thing that will contribute to one of your goals. Take immediate action and get moving. This means no postponing, no delaying, and no procrastinating.

2. Stay Focused

Remind yourself of your goals every day and stay focused on them. When you find yourself distracted by something that is not directly in line with your goals, ask yourself, "Why?" Identify how you will manage future distractions and look for ways to eliminate them.

3. Keep Active

Do something every day that will bring you closer to your goals. It doesn't have to be big - but if you have too many days between actions, your momentum will dwindle and eventually die.

4. Be Decisive

Nothing slows momentum more than indecision. Decide as quickly as possible and then take some immediate action to support the decision - no matter how trivial it seems.

5. Be Optimistic

Change can truly happen in the moment. If you are frustrated or discouraged, it will certainly be tough to build momentum. But if you are optimistic, things will happen more freely and your momentum will build.

6. Create Flow

If you are resisting anything, you will definitely block momentum. Look proactively for resistances and take the necessary steps to eliminate them.

7. Develop an Action Plan

This plan doesn't have to be complicated. Just list one to three actions you will take during the day (or the week) that will help you succeed.

8. Get Assistance

Many successful businesspeople including Donald Trump, Michael Gerber and Chris Barrow, my business coach, say in their own way that you have to have great assistants. Build a strong team of supporters to help you take care of things and to help you get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Copyright 2004 Donna P. Lendzyk

Donna P. Lendzyk is a professional coach and creator of the Overcome Overwhelm System. She coaches businesswomen to "Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Their Desired Results." She is the author of the multi-media "Overcome Overwhelm eProgram." To learn more about her eProgram and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her website at

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