How to Adopt a Losing Attitude

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We have all heard the expression, "Where your heart is?, your treasure will be also." Allow me to modify this tried and true wisdom, to create an equally valid point: "Where your thoughts are, your hips will be also." What do I mean by this? Try this experiment: Take a few seconds to write the first the five words that pop into your head in response to this question: How do I describe myself?

For example, you have responded with words like these, "fat," "old," or "ugly". When you've finished writing down your five words, go look at yourself in a full-length mirror. I will be willing to bet you a diet coke that what you see in the mirror is exactly the same as who you think you are. If you think of yourself as fat, unworthy and lazy, that is what you will see. So if you learn to think differently about yourself, you will experience yourself in a new way.

How might you begin to think differently about yourself? You can begin tomorrow, by spending the entire day telling yourself how wonderful you are.

Every hour, stop what you are doing and spend 5 minutes engaging in a positive attitude adjustment. Focus on all the things ? or at least one thing ? that you really like about who you are. Even if a particular trait seems insignificant, give yourself permission to feel good about it. Tell yourself it is okay to embrace your limitations and run with your strengths. Think about times in your life when you showed up and really let your light shine.

Before you go to bed tomorrow night ? after having spent the whole day giving yourself positive feedback ? look again at yourself in the mirror, and I can virtually guarantee that you will look 10 pounds lighter.

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Jackie Stanley is the author of a series of personal wellness and weight loss journals titled Lettuce is Not Enough. She can be reached at 333-854-8667 or at

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