The Story ?From the Chicken Coop??

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Many years ago my grandfather, had a small farm and chickens. One morning he sent me out to the chicken coop to collect fresh eggs. He became concerned when I didn't return after a shot interval. When he came looking for me I jumped with joy, but he saw tears in my eyes and noticed that I was in an adjacent empty chicken coop, which could be entered only through the same door as the occupied coop.

When he noticed my distress and asked, "What was wrong?" I told him tearfully, "that nasty rooster, who was now docile, in my grandfather's presence, came pecking after me and all the hens started cackling, which scared me, and I ran into the next coop for safety." He took me by my hand and we walked right by the now quiet nasty rooster and comfortable nesting hens. We sat under the apple tree, and he related the following story. "Did you notice how that rooster and hens behaved when I came in? Totally different than when you first came in." I shouted, "The rooster and hens seemed to pounce on me."

My grandfather then said, "That's a new rooster the neighbor gave me. All your life you are going to come across people who will act like that rooster and hens. Only in different ways! It's natural for that rooster to protect his coop and his hens. The rooster is the leader and the hen's followers. Same with people! It doesn't matter whether they are men or women. There will always be people who will try to lead your life and if you let them, you will become like the hens."

"But to be the leader, you have to first be able to lead your own life and be the rooster of your actions. You can be like the rooster leading the hens, only they will be people. Most of us in life are followers, like the hens and some stay hidden in their own chicken coops, like you did."

"That doesn't mean that the rooster in us is bad or nasty, like the one you just experienced, that's just the way some people naturally are, at least in their own minds. But did you notice the respect and the way he quieted down when I came in? He saw me in his perception as a bigger, stronger and probably smarter rooster than he is. Which I am and so are you. But you didn't think or believe it strong enough for him to perceive it. Next time before you walk in, believe that that rooster is just a tiny, sweet chirping chick, and those hens are laying beautiful golden eggs, that we can have for breakfast."

Then he did the smartest move and took me back to the chicken coop, walked away and said "now go in and pick those golden eggs for breakfast." Strange, even while I was still scared I boldly walked into the chicken coop, ignored the rooster and picked up our golden eggs for breakfast.

As we ate breakfast, he chuckled "don't you ever forget," as he whimsically smiled at my grandmother, "that you will always meet the roosters and hens in your life. But it's the rooster in you and all of us that separates you from the he and she hens! And will keep you "From the Chicken Coop"?.

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