You Can Get There From Here

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But first you've got to raise your standards.

I know at some point you had big dreams. You felt and believed that you were going to change the world in some significant way. Make things better, safer for our kids. Something.

You knew deep down that you had a special gift that no one else has.

You know what, come a little closer I want to make sure you hear this-

-You did have a special gift. And... you still do! The gift that you were so sure you had didn???t leave you, you left it.

Oh, I know the drill. Your goals and dreams have taken a back seat to trying to scratch out a living. They???ve become buried in the daily struggles and frustrations of life. So much so that now you don???t even think much about achieving your goals and living your dreams. It???s all you can do to get to the end of the week. Life has become nothing more than a struggle for survival to the next crisis.

Well kids I???m here to tell you, there???s more to Life than just surviving it.

If you???re not either currently living your dreams or feel absolutely certain about the path you???re on leading to the achievement of your goals and dreams here???s why. Don???t take this personally, or do take it personally, either way what it boils down to is your standards for what you EXPECT are too low. One of life???s truisms is that we absolutely get what we expect to get. Set your personal standards on average and that???s exactly what you, everyone, and everything around you will be. On the other hand (and yes, the choice is yours) be the kind of person who insists on above average EVERYTHING and you???ll find yourself living in an above average environment.

Oh and that gift that you left somewhere back there? It???s still right there waiting for you to pick it up. But first you gotta??"

Raise your standards.

Thanks for stopping in.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.


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