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I always dreamed of going to school and getting a degree in something I'd love to do. I had plenty of dreams, and I wanted to pursue them. With working most of your life, going to school would have to be a very big sacrifice, especially if you have a husband or children to handle. I could have entered school when I was younger, but the demands of working, marriage, and children took precedent over my life. Also, there's no energy left after you deal with the domestic part of your life. You have enough power of energy to get into bed, and hopefully sleep until you get up tomorrow and follow the same tedious pattern all over again. Going to school to educate myself onto a professional level of expertise; to do something more enjoyable for myself, had to be on the back burner of my school dreams; I had other priorities to worry about. Fortunately, school was never far from my mind or brain, and it constantly nagged me like a bad hair day, or a migraine headache waiting to harm me to the end of my rope. If something is truly meant for you to accomplish, then there's no stopping that road to that path. At one point in my life, I was contented. I knew when the right time presented itself, I was going to school. The right time came when I was in my forties, believe it or not. Also, remember that you're never too old to go back to school. School is for anyone and everyone, and age is just a number which doesn't matter at all. Can you handle it mentally and physically is the answer?

Fortunately, my daughter is grown, so it's just me to deal with. I tried going to a traditional school, but my work schedule prevented me from making that choice, and I thought my dreams of becoming a paralegal was out the window. As I got older in my life I realized that dreams come true when you're persistent, and forfeiting the devil or anyone bent on taking your dreams away.

I registered for a school downtown, excited that I was finally going to get that paralegal degree, I've been wanting for a very long time. I got down to registration, and then orientation, but an obstacle blocked me so far ahead, I couldn't see the moving truck. I couldn't attend. The obstacle consisted of my work schedule. I had no co-workers to change hours with me, or who gave a damn about my dreams, so I ended up delaying my school dream once again. I was very sad, defeated, and lost. This wasn't fair at all.

But with modern technology in the 21st century, anything and everything is possible. With the element of the Internet, all dreams will come to the surface, and will become a reality in the making. I was still going to be able to master that paralegal degree because hell or high water wasn't going to interfere ever again in my goals.

I was introduced to online education last year. I never thought it'd be possible to conquer, but I was searching the internet one day and by some silly chance I happened onto a school called KAPLAN UNIVERSITY. It's a college of education for anyone who is interested in online schooling. I was not receptive to the idea at first, but the thought kept nagging me. I spoke with a few people, and they didn't think it was a very good idea either. You also have to remember that when someone steps on your toes about avenues you believe in, it doesn't mean you should put a halt to them. What is good for you might not be good for your sister, or best friend? It's entirely up to you to make all your goals happen, and only you can do that and then some.

I'm the type of person that won't let anyone else make up my mind, so I investigated the university diligently. I spoke with plenty of the counselors who were eager to assist me with the frequent questions I had about going to school online. I was thrilled, and had a little hope because I did everything practically online. I paid my bills online, and ordered and purchased everything online. Why couldn't I get an education online? I truly wanted this to work without a doubt.

After pending over my decision for two weeks, I eagerly signed up to attend KAPLAN UNIVERSITY with my aspirations of getting a degree in paralegal science. I was on my way. This was the most exciting avenue I had to pursue. I was going to get my degree online.

From the moment I signed up, I was given a counselor, and she assisted me every step of the way. In less than two months I had my own class page, and my first two classes. I was on my way to online heaven. The first day of classes swept upon me, and it was truly a headache at first because you have to navigate into the classroom. It's nothing like paying your bills online. You have to do a lot of studying and reading. I received plenty of books, and homework galore. I think I emailed both of my professors so many times, I lost count. My two professors were very able to assist me, and now I'm in my 5th term with KAPLAN UNIVERSITY, and my studies are going well. I have mastered the online technique, and consider myself a pro at heart.

I have to admit I don't miss a building because I just couldn't click it into my work schedule. Now with the use of a computer, I can go to school any time, any place, and any where.

Online Education is the best education invented by the internet and the colleges and universities, especially for working and real busy individuals. I love it, and recommend it for everyone. If you're not computer literate, it's going to take some time to get the hang of it. Never give up because persistence pays off, and if you're willing to give up a dream, then the dream wasn't for you in the first place. Online education works almost the same as going to a regular school inside of a building. You get the education, guidance, top professors, student services, academic advisor, your own web page, financial aide, grades, the message board, and seminars are a must. Seminars are once a week; an activity of interacting with other students, and getting to know your professor. It's fun.

The online education trend is working with the rest of mankind because in all my classes I have at least from 14 to 25 students in each. Everyone is getting into the rave of online education, so I'm not the only one.

Of course with anything, there are disadvantages to everything. If you're not computer literate, then online education isn't for you. If you like going to a building for school, then you won't choose this path. If you're interested in hanging out with other students, and meeting friends, then you won't be signing on to an online class. This avenue won't be your chosen path.

If you're a loner and don't like to be around a lot of people, then you're going to pursue online education because it's definitely the evolution of promises to come, and you're still making all your dreams come true. I highly recommend an education where you don't have to leave the comforts of your home to make it happen. It's fun with just a click! Try it, because I guarantee you're going to love it. (1,289)

My name is Carol Ann Culbert Johnson. I'm 43 years old, and I reside in Chicago, Illinois. I love writing and reading. Please check out my debut novel, I CONFESS at

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