Cookware ? Whats In It?

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Have you ever wanted to buy new cookware but didn't know what kind to buy? There are many types of cookware from which to choose. The following is a summary of the different materials that are used in cookware.

Cast Iron ? Your grandmother probably had a cast iron skillet. It is heavy an inexpensive. It also conducts heat slowly and evenly and can be used in the oven or on the stove.

Copper ? Copper is popular because it conducts heat evenly and quickly. It is a very good choice for frying and saut?ing. It is also very pretty.

Aluminum ? This is inexpensive, lightweight, and responsive to heat. However, it can affect the taste of the food you eat.

Stainless Steel ? It is moderately priced and is very strong. It usually is mixed with an aluminum or copper core to help conduct heat. And it too is very pretty.

Non-Stick ? With a non-stick surface, food does not stick to the pan and cleanup is easier. If also cuts down on the amount of fat that is needed for cooking. When cleaning up, you will want to stay away from abrasive cleaners.

Finding the right cookware for your cooking style is very important. If ease is on your mind, then non-stick is the way to go. However, you may be more interested in the beauty of copper. But no matter what your choice, there are many options in the market place to find your new cookware.

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