Digital Kitchen Timers ? Never Burn Another Dish

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Digital kitchen timers come in many shapes and sizes. Timers are an indispensable tool in the kitchen. If you do any cooking or baking a timer can avert kitchen catastrophes. No one wants to work hard on a recipe only to have it be under cooked or worse burned because the timing was not right.

When looking for digital kitchen timers to fit your kitchens needs, features can be very important. To get the most from your timer you will want to purchase one that has a countdown timer. Some come with 24 count cycles. You can find very basic models that do nothing more than count down the minutes alerting you with an alarm that your dish is ready. Or if you need something that offers more robust features, with a little research you will surely be able to find one that fits your cooking needs.

The KitchenCalc Pro Master Chef's Edition is probably the most innovative kitchen timer on the market today. This little gem offers much more than timing features. It accurately can scale recipes up or down, scales for number of servings or portions. The KitchenCalc converts cooking volume units such as teaspoon, tablespoon, fluid ounces and much more. It does quick math with cooking units. You are able to use the timer while using the calculator. At $34.95 it is a great addition to your kitchen tools.

If you don't need something that offers as much as the KitchenCalc you might want to look at the Triple Timer. With this timer you can time three dishes at once. This is a big help when cooking a meal that has multiple dishes that need timing at the same time. If having simplicity is important to you, egg timers are a good choice.

With today's choices you can have precision timing and have perfectly done meals every time.

Tracye Gano is an accomplished freelance writer and designer for kitchens 4u

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