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The Cooker-rail....

This is a novel way of increasing the drying area for people who like to dry delicate hand washed items of clothing from their range cooker.

It consists of Hi-tech glass filled injection moulded end pieces pressed firmly on to a high quality stainless steel tube, the mouldings designed in such a way as to clip on to the existing hand rail of the cooker. The design has been evolved from the making of numerous wooden models, and having these evaluated by Friends who used them over a period of a few months.

It is neat and tidy, and looks as though it came supplied with the cooker. A second rail can be clipped on to the first, giving further hanging space, and the combined rails fold upward and forward towards the cooker front to leave access to the hob lids and the oven fronts.

It is very important that the openings to the burner chamber be completely free, and hanging any clothing on our rail ensures that this is complied with.

As cooker models have slightly altered over the years, the manufacturer makes the cooker-rail up to your exact dimensions,and requires an accurate measurement of the distance between the mounting brackets with carry the existing hand rail.

The cooker-rail only fits cookers with one inch diameter hand rails.

Rodney Heaton

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