Eating Healthy with a Meat Grinder

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While it may be surprising, owning your own meat grinder can help you in your pursuit to live a healthier life. According to the USDA, the average American in 2000 consumed 300 more calories than the average American in 1985, a 12% increase, including a 24% increase of fat calories. The average daily fat intake was 81.4 grams and saturated fat intake was 27.9 grams in 2000 ( Americans are consuming too much fat, especially saturated fat.

One way to cut down on fat is to own your own meat grinder. Your meat grinder gives you the ability to manage what you are eating. You will no longer be subject to what seasonings and fillers that are found in the meats available in your local grocery store. With a meat grinder, you gain total control of what goes into your meat products. You are in charge of your intake of fats, salts, and other fillers since you are in control of the ingredients. A meat grinder can help you in your pursuit in living a healthier lifestyle.

A meat grinder is a useful tool for grinding meat for meatloaf, sausages, hamburgers, and much more. A meat grinder allows you to pick the cuts of meat you want and gives you a better consistency to your meat then a regular food processor can. In addition, it also has the ability to grind up nuts, fruit, cheese, and vegetables. This means you can let your imagination run wild with possibilities including relish, savory spreads, and much more. A meat grinder allows you to create healthy and better tasting meals.

A meat grinder not only allows healthy alternatives but also gives you a chance to be creative. For Memorial Day, our family barbecued the most amazing lean sausages with applesauce and apple chunks. These extra ingredients give the sausage a unique flavor and keep the lean meat moist. A meat grinder gives you the chance to stay lean and be creative. The following is a simple lean sausage recipe just to get you started on some of your own ideas:

Mean and Lean Sausage

2 lbs boneless, skinless turkey breast
1 lb boneless pork loin
1 tablespoon browning and seasoning sauce
? teaspoon garlic
? teaspoon onion
and a pinch of salt and pepper

Place turkey breast and pork loin through meat grinder and combine with seasonings.

For sausage links: Use a sausage funnel with a ?-inch tip to place meat into the casings. While holding the casing securely in place with one hand, use a spoon to push the meat mixture through. Cut off the ends of the casings, still leaving an inch or two at each end to twist or tie off. Boil water in a skillet and place sausages inside. Lower the heat and cover. Let the sausages cook for about ten minutes. Uncover and put to medium heat for a few minutes until they are brown.

For patties: Shape meat into small patties. Bring a skillet to medium heat and spray with a non-stick spray. Cook patties for about 3 minutes, flip and cook other side until thoroughly cooked about another 3 minutes).

Serve warm. Enjoy a tasty sausage without the guilt.

Lean sausage is just one example of how owning your own meat grinder can help you eat healthier. The possibilities are endless. A meat grinder will help you live a healthy lifestyle by letting you cut down the fats in your meat and improving the quality of your protein intake. A meat grinder can help you in your pursuit of eating and living healthy.

Kaitlin Carruth is a client account specialist with 10x Marketing More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. For more information about meat grinders, please visit Tool America.

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