Homemade Whipped Cream

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Most grocery stores carry cans of whipping cream ready to spray onto your favorite desert. Some of these cans even come in chocolate flavor. But, instead of choosing to use canned cream how about whipping your own.

In the dairy case of your local grocery store you will find cartons of Ultra-pasteurized whipping cream, whipping cream, and baker's cream. Each of these can be whipped up into a delightful topping for deserts.

Ultra-pasteurized whipping cream has been heated to above 280 degrees to extend its shelf life. It is just a bit more temperamental when it comes to whipping.

Whipping cream is more difficult to find in stores but it does whip up easier.

Baker's cream is an Ultra-pasteurized version that contains vanilla flavoring. This is an excellent choice to top cakes or pies.

Whether using Ultra-pasteurized, whipping, or baker's cream following a few simple steps will yield delightful results every time.

First chill all ingredients and utensils thoroughly. Place the carton of cream in the coldest location in your refrigerator. Allow it to chill overnight. Place the beaters and a deep narrow bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes before whipping.

Pour the cream into the well chilled bowl and add any additional flavorings at this time. Almond extract, vanilla extract and Kirshwasser cherry flavored brandy are all excellent choices. Add judiciously, the flavorings can easily overtake the cream.

Mix at high speed with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Take care not to over beat the cream. If the cream begins to separate it is curdling and turning into sweet butter.

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