The Barbecue Pit

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The barbecue pit has been around since 1920,s and it was used to cook barbecue beef ribs. BBQ ribs had a far more delicious than ribs cooked in the kitchen.

Barbecue pits were very popular in 1950's. Just about everyone had one in their back yard. Back then groups of friends and family got together more often. Today with our busy lives we just don't seem to find the time for the backyard barbecue pit. Too bad!

Finding plans to build your own back yard BBQ can be a bit of a challenge. The best place to look is online where there are several sites with basic plans. Since the popular pits have not been around for over fifty years, there are not a lot of people left who know how to build one from scratch.

Sorry, you just can't dig a hole in the back yard and throw in wood and charcoal. Those days are gone. With all the government and municipal regulations you'll probably land up with a big ole fine. The fire department might even show up at your door, and they'll not be happy about your backyard open fire.

Be sure to check with the local town or city to see if you need a license to burn. Some cities even have a building inspector who will need to approve the BBQ pit before you build it or use it.

If you plan on adding electricity or a gas burner you will likely need additional permits which are usually issued by your town, city, or region. Regulations may require the gas or electric apparatus to be installed by a licensed professional. So take some time to research your project.

You also have to decide how simple or how complex you would like your BBQ pit to be. Is it going to be a basic fire pit or do you want a fully functional gas grill which would include side burners and warming flats.

What type of grill is you build is only limited by how big your pocket book is and what your personal needs are. Really all you need is a place for the fire that is well ventilated and a grate or grill to place the food.

There are some simple rules you should follow. The placement of the barbecue should be away from other structures so as not to create a fire hazard.

Be sure the location you choose for your BBQ will be one you'll be happy with for years to come, because you don't want to have to move it.

Blend with the appearance of your house and your yard. That way the pit fit in nicely and not look out of place. Do not place it too close to large flowering plants that get bigger each year or you'll be faced with moving the plant or the pit.

You should be able to use the out door kitchen all year round. Build the barbecue grill to stand up to all the seasons in your location. You want the outdoor kitchen to last. With a little extra thought you could have good storage and preparation space

When designing the out door grill make it easy to clean. It would be a shame if you had to cut out some bricks to clean the unit or to replace a part.

There are only a few books with plans for building a back yard barbecue pit. Your local library may have older books that can help you. The internet is also a good source of information.

Remember a well designed barbecue pit can be more than a place to cook food. It can be a place to entertain and enjoy good friends, good conversation and good food in the traditional Texas style!

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