The Noble Crescent Roll - How to Roll a Masterpiece

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Ahhh?the noble crescent roll. In some forms it has its origins in the Middle East and in Europe. We know that during the 1600's crescent rolls of some form were being baked in Vienna. There is one thing that we do know for certain: no matter which form you choose to bake them in today, they are sure to please the most discriminating palate! That sumptuous aroma, sneaking through the halls and lurking in every corner of the house, is enough to get my taste buds humming. Can you smell it? That buttery, toasted aroma is calling you.

Served with an omelet in the morning or fresh fruit at lunch, crescent rolls are just plain delicious! A hot cup of herbal tea or coffee is mandatory.

Making crescent rolls can be a fun activity for the entire family, or that special young person! In the simplest of terms it's as easy as slicing a pizza and rolling up a jellyroll. Are you ready?

First you'll need a batch of crescent roll dough. You could probably use just about any roll type dough, but there are dough recipes designed just for the crescent.

You will also need to make a filling from these ingredients:

1/4 cup butter, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 finely grated lemon peel, and 1 finely grated orange peel.

Pinch off a dough ball about the size of a tennis ball. Roll it out flat into a circle. Use a sharp knife or even better, a pizza cutter, and make four cuts across. Cut this just like you would a pie or a pizza. You should wind up with eight triangle-shaped pieces.

Next, mix together one-fourth cup of butter, one cup of powdered sugar, and the finely grated lemon and orange peels. This should form a thin paste. Spread a thin layer over the top of the dough triangles, covering them completely.

Now, starting with the wide end of each piece, roll up towards the point and then pull the ends towards each other to form a "U" shape, or a crescent shape. You can even pinch the ends if you like.

Repeat this entire process until you have used up all of the dough. Bake them according to your crescent roll recipe, being sure to use the proper bake time and heat. Here's a quick tip: try adding about one-fourth teaspoon of crushed walnuts or pecans, sprinkled over the center of the roll before rolling it up. The last and most important step of all is to bake those rascals and enjoy them!

An excellent companion at breakfast, an elegant touch for dinner; the noble crescent roll is sure to please the most discriminating taste buds.

Terry Stokely is a twenty-five year veteran of the baking industry. After being permenantly laid off in December of 2004, he enjoys spending time with his family and promoting his new ebook Home Baked Goodness with Bread, Rolls and Muffins. The new ebook, which he co-authored with his wife Dawn, can be found at

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