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The whisk. A true versatile cooking utensil. Whisks come in all shapes and sizes and surprisingly accomplish far more then what most think they do. One of the dictionary definitions for a whisk is--A kitchen utensil usually in the form of stiff thin wire loops attached to a handle, used for whipping foodstuffs. We shall see that the whisks of today can do a lot more.

The whisk of today is made of many different materials. There are the traditional wire whisks and also many kinds of nylon whisks to. Sometimes called whips they are a great time saver. No matter what you are creating in your kitchen there is a style and design made for you. Let's take a look at the most common and useful designs.

The nylon flat whisk is made to whip gravies and delicate sauces into shape. The flat design helps cooks get into corners and covers more surface area when whisking, and is also good for taking care of lumps in flour. The traditional balloon whisk comes either in nylon or stainless steel. It is the essential tool for meringues and silky smooth sabayons. The larger the balloon head is the quicker air is mixed into the sauces.

Some other useful whisks that are helpful in the kitchen include triangular whisks for getting along edges of pans and bowls and special ones for eggs and gravy.

So no matter what your needs are the right whisks can be found online at many fine stores.

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