A Look at Cloisonn? Lapel Pins

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Cloisonn? lapel pins are the most traditional, if not the most collectible of the lapel pin types. Most of the older lapel pins are either die-cast metal or cloisonn?. Cloisonn? is from the French word for cell, which refers to the method that cloisonn? is created. A metal structure, or cell, is formed with the outline of the design and filled with enamel and then baked to permanently set the design. The cloisonn? technique dates all the way back to 13th century B.C. in ancient Japan, however the Chinese really made the art form their own, creating beautiful vases and other artifacts. A cloisonn? lapel pin is a modern interpretation of this ancient and beautiful art.

Most true cloisonn? lapel pins today are made on a copper base, with enamel colors individually mixed. Each pin is then fired one at a time in an enamel oven at temperatures over 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that the colors are "baked on" and will not run. After the lapel pins cool, they are polished to remove any unwanted color bleeding and to make the pin shine. Cloisonn? lapel pins are very durable and their colors remain vibrant for the life of the pin.

While the cloisonn? process is very detailed, the cost of a high quality cloisonn? lapel pin should not cost much more then a similar die-cast or photo etched lapel pin. Depending on the company, design, size and quantity purchased, a custom cloisonn? lapel pin should cost around $2.00 per pin to manufacture. A cloisonn? pin has a more "retro" look, and therefore may be more appealing to collectors than other types of lapel pins. Plus, with a cloisonn? lapel pin you are carrying on an ancient artistic tradition. Due to their more detailed manufacturing process, cloisonn? also lends itself to a more dressy or jeweled style of lapel pin. Consider a cloisonn? lapel pin if your design includes a stone setting, for example.

No matter what your use, cloisonn? is an elegant, durable and affordable option for a custom lapel pin.

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