Ways to Look Good without Selling Your Soul to the Credit Card Sharks

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1. Buy clothes at thrift stores. BEFORE you buy them, however, hold the clothing to the light to make sure there are no tears, check the seams under the arms, make sure the buttons are all there, and don't buy anything that you can't try on.

2. Never buy anything that doesn't fit.

3. Find out what your colors are and only buy those colors. I attended a workshop to figure out that I am a Winter and then I only bought clothes that look good on Winters. If I buy clothes that are not those Winter colors, I won't wear them because I know subconsciously that they do not flatter me. As an added bonus, when you wear the colors that are harmonized with your skin tone, you often have more energy, are calmer and look younger.

4. Go through your wardrobe to determine what clothes you need to buy, make a list, place the list in your purse or wallet, and ONLY buy the items that are on the list.

5. Know the values of clothing. Many "sales" are not bargains at all.

6. If you have children who are growing quickly, buy their clothing at a thrift store.

7. Only buy good quality clothing which will last a long time.

8. Buy a can of starch, and iron your business shirts as opposed to paying over a dollar to a dry cleaner that uses a harsh pressing machine.

9. Buy tie spray to protect your costly silk ties and scarves.

10. Buy clothes at the end of a season when they are on sale as opposed to the beginning of the season.

11. Buy clothes with neutral colors (gray, white, navy blue) that will go with anything that you have in your existing wardrobe, so that you won't have to buy new clothes to complement your new purchase.

12. Buy and wear only comfortable shoes and save money on doctors and chiropractors.

Excerpted from Transform YOUR Relationship with Money: A Step-by-Step Guide for Financial Empowerment. For more information about this guide, please check out my web site located at

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer and teacher based in St Petersburg FL. He has assisted hundreds of people around the world in gaining the clarity they need to realize more of their full potential. To find out more about his healing practice, please check out his web site at

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