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The salesman's job is to be well informed; extremely well informed. For this information is how he earns his bread. At a car dealership the commission over the MSRP on some cars would barely be enough to pay rent. A dealer must fight for every penny of the margin in order to receive the best paycheck. On the other hand, the consumer must also fight for every penny in order to receive the best deal.

With the tools available to the consumer such as the internet there is literally no reason why anyone should complain that they were treated unfairly or "cheated" by a car salesman. To these people I have a very clear message: get informed. If you are too lazy to do some serious research into the vehicle that you are about to spend $30k or $40k on, then you deserve to pay the agent every penny of the margin. There is no complaining when the tools are literally at your fingertips yet you cannot figure out how to use them.

The vast array of car dealerships and the vast competition that car dealers now have with the internet, it is laughable to complain that this or that dealer tricked you or made you buy something you did not want to buy. It is all your fault. This is unfortunately a realization many people just don't want to make. Why should it be my fault when the car dealer misinformed me? Because you let him misinform you. After all, car sales guys are human too and have to pay rent among other things. It is rather callous to assume that every sales guy will have your best interest at heart.

Be informed. Before you go out into the market place make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for and do not back down. Never buy right away. Take your time, look around, check out the competition, let the competition them know that you are informed. If the dealer is smart his whole tactical approach to the sale will change. If he is not smart he will lose the sale, or you will lose out.

Gene Leshinsky EnkiTel Communications

EnkiTel Communications is a telecom marketing company specializing in prepaid dial around international phone plans. We are committed to the safe records of all of our customers and have excellent systems in place to prevent fraud.

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